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Alphabet printable activities is an extension of preschool alphabet activities and crafts.  You will find free coloring pages, color posters, flash cards, mini books and activity worksheets to present the alphabet, reinforce letter recognition and writing skills. These are suitable for older toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and first grade. Most feature school compatible Standard Block Print or D'Nealian Modern Block Print handwriting guidelines, links to related lesson plans and crafts.
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Example Description
Alphabet Coloring Pages to decorate < Alphabet Coloring Pages
 D'Nealian | Standard Block Print
Simple coloring pages featuring upper and lower case to color, decorate with stickers, original drawings or paste items. Print complimentary coloring pages for the letter.
Alphabet Activity Worksheet Program
Alphabet Worksheets and Activity Program
D'Nealian and Standard block print fonts. Available in Spanish
Alphabet Mini Books - Companion to the Alphabet Activity Worksheets
< My First Alphabet Mini Books
Note: These are completed using the stickers in the alphabet worksheets above and feature a handwriting page.
D'Nealian and Standard block print fonts. Available in Spanish
  Learning the Alphabet and Handwriting

< Handwriting Practice Worksheets
D'Nealian | Standard Block
< Alphabet Manuscript Handwriting
D'Nealian | Standard block
< Standard block in Spanish
Color posters, coloring pages and handwriting worksheets
< Alphabet Train A to Z
Handwriting Practice
A to Z D'Nealian and Standard block (3 pages)

< Alphabet Handwriting Charts A-Z
Letters A to Z upper & lower case in one page with a start dot to help children remember where to start tracing the letter. Various themes and holidays.
Printable Writing Paper for Preschool and Primary Grades
Handwriting Practice Printable Paper
Printable writing paper in portrait and landscape orientation, special features, seasonal and holiday themes and story paper. 
  Alphabet Themes [A to Z]
Animal Theme Alphabet Posters, Coloring Pages and Handwriting Practice Worksheets
< Animals Theme Alphabet
A to Z and organized by animal class and habitat
Color posters, matching coloring pages and handwriting practice worksheets
Generic Alphabet Posters
< Basic Generic Alphabet

Color posters, matching coloring pages, handwriting worksheets and flash cards available in D'Nealian and Standard block formatt.
Bible Theme Alphabet Coloring Pages
< Bible Theme Alphabet
D'Nealian | Standard Block

Coloring pages, matching handwriting worksheets, Bible scripture reference links and activities.
Clown Theme Alphabet Posters
< Clown Theme Alphabet
This alphabet is under revision to include matching coloring pages, and handwriting worksheets.

< Dinosaurs Alphabet

Coloring pages, matching handwriting worksheets, and flash cards in D'Nealian and Standard block formatt.
  Alphabet Printable Games and Online Activities
Alphabet Dominoes:  Select your choice of D'Nealian or Standard Block
< Alphabet Dominoes

D'Nealian & Standard Block Print Upper Case Letters
Generic Alphabet Flash Cards Color and Coloring Format
< Alphabet Flash Cards

In color and coloring format in various themes.  Print pages twice and play matching memory games.
Alphabet Online Jigsaw Puzzles A-Z < Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzles Online A-Z
Each puzzle links to related activities and/or crafts

< Alphabet Word Search

Four, six or eight word search with standard block handwriting practice or blank lines.
External resources Resources to printablea activites for the alphabet and language arts
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