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Back to School coloring pages is an extension of the Back to School theme, with links to related lesson plans, crafts and activities for daycare,  preschoolers and kindergarten.  These images can help parents, preschool teachers and day care providers to introduce and review the elements and routines of the first days at preschool, graduation, kindergarten or daycare environment.

Back to School Basics - Printable Materials
Educational coloring activities (many available in color) 
Alphabet Printables Materials:  Posters, Flash Cards, Coloring Pages and Handwriting Practice Tracers
Colors in Preschool Printable Worksheet Activities, Coloring Pages, Flash Cards

Days of the Week

 Flash cards
Handwriting printables for preschool and Kindergarten

Numbers Preschool Printable Activities, Coloring Pages and Worksheets


Alphabet - School Theme Printable Activities
Font types:  DN = D'Nealian     SB = Standard Block

Letter A Apple

Letter S School bus

Writing Paper - School Theme

Back to School and General Preschool and Day Care Theme Coloring Pages:
Boarding the school bus | School bus & bus driver

Classroom & Daycare Activities theme: 

Block play
| Block | Lego Play
Circle time | Story time with child care provider / teacher
Clay or Play Dough time

Coloring and drawing time

Exploring books "reading" | Visiting the library
Music time [musical instruments]
Painting on an easel #1 | #2
Puppet play

Jigsaw puzzle time

Science time (solar system theme)

Science & Social Studies: Planting a tree
Scissor cutting practice & crafting

Exercise | Fitness | Outdoor Playground Games theme: 
Jumping rope
Hula hoop
Jungle gym slide


Graduation (boy)
| Graduation (girl)

Teacher or child care provider
| Teacher
School cafeteria worker
Crossing guard | Librarian | School bus driver

Dramatic Play - Children Dress up
Community Helpers, Careers and Fairy Tale or Fictitious Characters:

Related Theme:  Community Helpers Coloring pages
"I can be an artist / painter" #1, #2
"I can be a baker or chef"

"I can be a cowboy or cowgirl"

"I can be a doctor"
Doctor - Nurse or Veterinarian (child) boy - girl > dramatic play
" I can be a farmer"
"I can be a firefighter"

"I can be a Mounty"
(Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
"I can be a nurse"

"I can be a police officer"

Related coloring pages and activity worksheets Themes:
Sports Theme Coloring Pages
These encourage exercise, health and interest in indoor and outdoor sports.

Teddy Bear Theme Coloring Pages
Teddy bears in similar early childhood settings and activities that foster friendship and a sense of security when away from home.
Toys and Games Coloring Pages