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Come and have fun with printable activities to learn numbers and early math concepts, an extension of Numbers Preschool Activities and Crafts. These numbers printable materials are suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten.

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Printable monthly calendars featuring U.S. and some international holidays and events, or blank.  Handprint your own activities and/or simple chores for young children.  Children can learn numerals (1-31), days of the week, months of the year and about the seasons and holidays.  Use for chore charts

Domino Math
Printable dominoes and addition worksheets

Connect the Dots

Farm Animals and Bugs Theme Numbers & Shapes Flash Cards

Flash cards
Print twice for memory, matching, concentration games

Caterpillar Colors, Numbers and Letter C Practice Craft

Letter C Caterpillar Circles, Colors and Numbers 1-9

centipede_numbers.gif (68214 bytes)

Letter C Centipede Circles, Colors and Numbers 1-9

Clown with six balloons 
Count the circles inside the balloons representing the numbers, trace inside the number and color the clown.

Six clowns with numbers and shapes 

Count, identify and color the shapes in the clowns' outfit representing the numbers in the hat, trace inside the number and color the clowns.
Idea:  use a different color for each clown's shapes and number.
Related themeClowns Theme

Five Fish in a Bowl Color and Number Activity Craft

Five Fish in a Bowl Numbers 1 to 5 and Colors
Related themes:  Pets | Fish

Helicopter Worksheet:  Trace, Identify Shapes and Numbers 1 to 4

Helicopter Activity Worksheet
(Numbers 1 to 4 practice)
Skills:   pre-writing skills (pencil control) - tracing curved, straight and zigzag lines - identify, count, match the shapes & number, trace numbers 1 to 4, coloring
Related themes:
  Aviation |Air Transportation | Helicopter

Ice Cream Colors Craft or Educational Display

Ice Cream Cone Numbers 1-10 and Colors
Related themes:
  Colors | Ice Cream | Nutrition | Summer

Number Worksheets

Numbers Handwriting Worksheets
Number worksheets to practice writing numbers, number words, counting small objects or coins and addition

Patterns Activity Worksheets

Snowflakes 1 - 10 and Tree Activity

Related themes: Winter > Weather | Snow | Trees 

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Various printable activities to learn cardinal and ordinal numbers 1 to 12

Writing Paper for Preschool and Kindergarten  
Selection of lined writing paper to practice numerals, number words, emergency 911, and telephone number.  Available in portrait and landscape orientation.