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St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hat
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Activity: Leprechaun Hat Colors and Shapes Printable Activity

Skills:  Pre-handwriting [tracing], shapes and colors recognition, counting, scissor cutting skills, hand and eye coordination [match and paste]

Print the color version for ages 4 and under or coloring version for ages 4+

Color version >

  1. Trace hat's outline green. Tracing is an effective pre-writing skill.

  2. Identify each shape and color

  3. Count the shapes > optional > write numbers in front or behind the shapes

  4. Cut out the shapes

  5. Match and paste the shapes on the hat

Coloring version >

  1. Suggestion:  Print to light green paper
  2. Trace hat's outline green.
  3. Color the shamrock green
  4. Have children color the shapes with designated colors > primary and secondary colors, and one more color.
  5. Follow steps 2 to 5 above for color version.

Crafty idea > Make a Decoration

  • Paste large craft sequins or small St. Patrick's theme stickers inside the shapes.
  • Cut loosely around the hat.
  • Add string or ribbon to make an ornament or decoration.

Leprechaun Hat Color and Shapes Activity

color version

coloring version

  • paper

  • coloring pencils crayons or markers

  • glue stick

  • scissors

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