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Watermelon Craft
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Let's have fun with the letter W. One wonderful way to introduce a new letter or reinforce it, is with tasty and yummy foods. Ideally having the particular food to present, taste and even make a simple recipe, adds to the excitement and a sensory learning experience.

ActivityWatermelon - Bottled Water Nature's Way
Visit the link above for a fascinating presentation for children about this water rich fruit.

Activity > Introduce W is for Watermelon printable activities

Activity > Coloring a Watermelon with Watermelon Juice 
Sensory Experience:  
Print this watermelon coloring page. Cut watermelon slices. Reserve a few watermelon pieces and allow child to use a few pieces to color the pulp areas in the coloring page with the juice (alternative: use watermelon diluted gelatin or similar product). Yes, it is messy, but very effective, the child is using many of the senses (sight, smell, touch and hearing during this process).  Use green markers and other colors to finish the picture. Save some seeds to glue in the pulp of the picture.

Activity > J. Slice Saves the Planet Coloring Storybook and J. Slice Puppet at (PDF format only)

This is a wonderful and educational coloring  presented by It is perfect for preschoolers and elementary level. The coloring storybook includes easy recipes and encourages children to eat their five servings of fruit daily.

Read and discuss the story:
* Print and cut out the J.Slice puppet found in the coloring book. Have the children hold the puppet during the reading.
*At home, read from the screen or print and read the story.
*At a child care facility or preschool you may want to print and mount the pages in colorful construction paper (green & watermelon color/pink).  Hold and read or use a felt board. Use the puppet to tell the story if using the felt board.
*Read, discuss, encourage dialogue and questions.

Optional Activity > Assemble the storybook  (Ages 4 1/2 to 6)
This activity is great for older preschoolers to learn the parts of a book, help number the pages and learn to love books.
1.  Chronological order:  Help and discuss with children how to place the pages in chronological order - how the events happened.
2.  Help the children count and write the numbers or have the children trace the number (write the numbers with dots) -- only a few pages for practice.  The cover should not have a number.  Discuss a book has a cover that has the title and usually the name of the author.
3.  Staple and cut a 1" to 1 1/2 strip of construction paper the length of the paper to bind and cover the staples.  Fold the strip in half lengthwise.
4.  Have the children put some glue along the border and glue half of the strip to the fold.  Turn over and children can put some more glue to the remaining fold.  This gives a very finished look to the book and covers the staples.

Note Educators: This makes a wonderful take home activity so parents can also enjoy and read the story. The children can color and decorate at home.   You may want to print double sided or have the pages reduced so two fit in one page and assemble half page sized books.

Activity > Watermelon Printable Crafts > links in the materials column

Activity > Watermelon Fun in the Kitchen 
Snack:  Snack on Watermelon or make a slush, a smoothie or an unforgettable lemonade with the children - here are some wonderful and easy recipes from in coloring page format:
*Watermelon cupcakes
*Ice Cream Cone Sundaes
*Watermelon Dippers
Review all materials for educators at Teacher's toolkit.

watermelon printable craft a dltk teach
Willy the Watermelon

Alphabet Letter W Watermelon Printable Activities

Letter W Watermelon Printable Activities

watermelon coloring page

Watermelon coloring page

Other printble activities
* J. Slice Saves the Planet
Coloring Storybook
J. Slice Puppet

* J.Slice Mobile Craft

Teacher's Toolkit 

*crayons, markers or paints.

*watermelon or watermelon flavored gelatin to eat and to color coloring page.

Review recipes for fun in the kitchen