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*Jan. 5th > Nat'l Bird day
*May 4th > Bird Day
*October - Canada or November - U.S. > Thanksgiving

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Seasons > Autumn >  Plants > Trees and leaves > Why leaves turn color in the autumn

Animals > Bird > Wild | Farm > What is a turkey?
  1. A large North American bird with brownish feathers and a bare head with fleshy folds of skin hanging under the jaw.  Turkeys are now raised in many parts of the world. Only birds have feathers.
  2. The flesh or meat of this bird, used as food referred to as poultry.
  3. Nutrition > turkey is a protein food, one of the five food groups.  Protein foods include:  meat, poultry, seafood, beans and peas, eggs, processed soy products, nuts, and seeds.

The turkey reminds us of historical events that have shaped the history of North America -- mainly USA and Canada  -- it unites all people to be THANKFUL for all the bounties and the harvest that the land has given and continues to give.  Help children write thankful messages on the leaves templates or handprints.  Just print a word or two-- I am thankful for:  friends, food, family, pets, my country, my home, my teachers, my "child care provider's name," etc.

Holidays > Multicultural > What is Thanksgiving >
Visit this resource and lesson plan to introduce what is Thanksgiving to young children.

Seasons > Autumn > Plants > Trees and their leaves >
Why Leaves Turn Color in the Fall - Autumn
Many of the turkey crafts showcase autumn color leaves, review in simple terms what is this process.

Alphabet activities
Letter T is for Turkey Printable Activities and Worksheets
Note each turkey craft will feature additional options for alphabet activities.

Turkey Maze > Pre-Writing  and problem solving skills
Have children first use their finger to move through the maze, then use a crayon or pencil.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles > Turkey and the autumn season
Skills:  Problem solving and using the computer mouse
Here are three 6-piece online puzzles.  To increase the number of pieces click on the Change Cut button.

Online resource: The American Turkey at Kidzone.ws for grades 1 and above.

Turkey Crafts

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T is for Turkey

Turkey maze

Turkey coloring pages

Online jigsaw puzzle

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