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(PDF Format only 5 pages including instructions)

Here is a great craft to make that is also a wonderful home made toy.  It is only available in PDF format.  The assembly instructions are on the first page:

Ideas for the assembly:
  • You may need to print more background pages depending on the size of the shoe box and most of the assembly needs to be made by an adult.
  • Children can help to brush glue on the pieces or directly to the box.
  • Replace paper dinosaurs with 3" to 4" inch toy plastic dinosaurs available from a "dollar store."
  • To make movable dinosaur figures tape paper dinosaurs against Lego blocks. (except for the flying reptile).
  • Print two sets of dinosaurs to have more figures.

Activity:  Alphabet Letter D is for Dinosaur
Printable activities to learn letter D.

ActivityDinosaur online jigsaw puzzle

Skills:  problem solving, letter recognition

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Dinosaur Diorama
Templates & instructions

*shoe box or 
large cereal box

Letter D Dinosaur Printable Activities

Dinosaur online jigsaw puzzle

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