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Online Jigsaw Puzzles

These are series of activities to present the goat:

Animals > Mammals > Wild | Farm > Goat
1. Online goat facts, images and many resources:
The goat is an animal with hooves, hollow horns, and rough hair.  Goats are mammals that are raised for their milk, wool, and meat.  They are closely related to sheep.

Learn about goats at:
* Domestic Goat > National Zoological Park > Kids' Farm > Goats > fact sheet | goats at Kid's Farm | KidsFarm and Wikipedia.org
* Wild goat | Ibex (wild mountain goat) > at Wikipedia.org
* Chinese New Year:  The goat is one of the twelve animals represented in the Chinese zodiac.  In the Japanese zodiac it is the sheep.

2.  Online Story time > Three Billy Goats Gruff  
Read and share this classic Norwegian fairy tale.  Here are two online versions
Version 1: Three Billy Goats Gruff

Here is story online version, and various activities.

Version 2:  Talking Tales at Calgarypubliclibray.org.  This audio only version has no text and requires a computer with speakers.

Geography > Identify and locate Norway in an atlas map or globe. Discuss some basic facts about Norway.

3. Aesop Fables > Character Education > 
Read, print and discuss an Aesop fable:
1.  The Fox and the Goat
2.  The Two Goats
4. Online Jigsaw Puzzles > 
Three Billy Goats Gruff
Goat > Bilingual:  English and Spanish  
Skills:  Problem solving, computer skills > using the mouse, letter G recognition

Here are two online jigsaw puzzles the children will enjoy.  The first puzzle features the troll and the three Billy goats at the bridge, a scene from the fairy tale story. The second puzzle features a fun goat and links to English and Spanish activities. The default puzzles are 6 pieces.  Click on the Change Cut button to change shape and number of pieces.

4. Alphabet activities:  Letter G Goat Printable Activities
Introduce or reinforce letter recognition and early handwriting skills.

5. Craft activities:  DLTK's printable Goat theme crafts > assembled using a toilet paper tube
1.  Goat craft
2. Wild goat craft (Ibex)

7. Goats and troll Coloring Pages for Puppets and Display
Print a selection goat coloring pages to represent the Billy goats and a troll coloring page on sturdy card stock paper to make a puppets.

Color, cut out and attach a craft stick to the back.  Take turns retelling the fairy tale.

Goat online jigsaw puzzle


Letter G Goat
Printable Activities

Goats coloring pages

Troll coloring page

Online jigsaw puzzle
Three Billy Goats Gruff

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Goat craft
Wild goat craft
Review other printables in the lesson plan

*something to color or paint with

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