Butterfly and Caterpillar Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Several species of butterflies are endangered.

Many people have been inspired by this beautiful creature to write songs, poems, books and to do many kinds of artwork. Children are also inspired by their beauty and the fascinating stages by which they grow. This activity will include online presentations. Two of the presentations are by young children for children about butterflies and stages of growth.

The activities can be spread over a few of days with a day break in between so children are not bored. To help you make a "small learning center" and make the presentation more exciting there are a number educational printable materials that can be displayed and used and descriptions and the links are in the materials columns.

Activity 1: Online Presentations about Insects > Caterpillar to Butterfly

  • Presentation 1: Let's Talk about Insects
    Enable Flash player. Review the entire presentation and select and bookmark pages to present ahead of time that are age appropriate.

    C.P. Ant is going to take you on a fun tour to discuss fun facts about about insects with this great interactive online presentation.

  • Presentation 2: Read Jenna's Story: "Caterpiller to Butterflie"

    Read Jenna's Story: "Caterpiller to Butterflie"
    A young child, Jenna Dower, shares her fascination with the butterfly in her artwork and story. Jenna's Story: "Caterpiller to Butterflie" (yes spelled in this charming way by Jenna) will show children the interesting growth stages of a butterfly in delightful and simple language that they can understand. Make sure to share that Jenna is a child just like them and she made the illustrations and wrote the story.

  • Presentation 3:
    Visit Facts for Kids: The Monarch Butterfly, this is a wonderful web presentation with learning and printable resources. The research was prepared by Tasha at the age of seven, and Leanne, her mom, helped put the information, images and printable activities in the web site. Neat!

Activity 2 > Review the Butterfly Growth Stages & Butterfly Coloring Book Activity
After viewing and discussing the online activities review the butterfly's growth stages using the coloring pages: caterpillar, chrysalis and a butterfly and growth stages in the materials column. All these coloring pages can be assembled together to make a butterfly coloring book.

Activity 3 > Alphabet activities letter B or C:
links in the materials column
This is a great opportunity to introduce or practice letter B (butterfly) and on a different day letter C (caterpillar).

Activity 4 > Butterfly and Caterpillar Crafts
Here are choices for caterpillar and butterfly crafts for the children to make that incorporate many learning skills.

Activity 5 > Online Jigsaw Puzzles > Caterpillar | Butterfly
Skills > Problem solving. Bilingual: English and Spanish
Here is a fun online jigsaw puzzle of a fun caterpillar and butterfly. The default puzzle is six pieces. Adjust the number and shape of pieces clicking on the change cut button.