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During these activities children can experience the following learning activities: 
  1. Introduce or practice letter C for Cat with matching printable materials and cat or kitten craft that features a tail or legs shaped like letter C or letter K for Kitten.
  2. Learn basic facts about domestic (house) cats.  The domestic cat is the most popular pet in the U.S.A.
  3. Shapes practice: circle, half circle, triangles and ovals featured in the craft templates.
  4. The cat or kitten crafts are appropriate to include during Halloween holiday activities, a theme related to pets or in conjunction with related literature, nursery rhymes or educational online story, preschool video or TV programming.
  5. These activities can be conducted separately over a number of days.

After craft assembly:

Encourage a discussion and dialogue:  
* Demonstrate the cat or kitten poster, children are holding their finished craft.
* Ask the children if they have ever seen a real house cat or have one as a pet and discuss comments.
* What do they know about cats, write their comments in board.
* What sounds does a cat make.

Activity > Alphabet Lesson Plan Printable Activities Letter C is for Cat or Letter K Kitten

Activity > Crafts >
Select a Cat or Kitten Craft 
Review printing and assembly options that best meet your needs.  Before assembly conduct some of the learning activities suggested.

> Online Story time and activities >

Decide what book, story time online or educational video/TV program can be introduced to generate enthusiasm for the topic of cats.  Once your theme is selected prepare for discussion and dialogue.


  1. Aesop Fable > Print and read Belling the Cat.
  2. Nursery RhymeThree Little Kittens Appuseries @YouTube with illustrations is a great rhyme for a mittens' winter theme appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers.
    * Mitten pair patterns to decorate:  1-large, 2-medium, 4-small

  3. Fairy tale > Puss in Boots Ages 6+ Appuseries @YouTube
    *Puss in Boots theme coloring pages:  1, 2, 3

Activity > Online Jigsaw Puzzles>

Problem solving, letter recognition

Enjoy these online puzzles.  These are great for a break and the whole family can enjoy them by adjusting the amount of pieces from 6 to 247 - click on the shape button. 
Alphabet >
Letter C Cat and Clown
English and Spanish > Cat | Kitten and yarn

Additional printable materials related to cats & kittens:
Cat coloring pages
Use for display, bulletin board, or a homemade coloring book.  The images are large and can even be used to make awards or take home activities.

Select a Cat or Kitten Craft

illustrations only

Alphabet lesson plan printable activities

Letter C Cat

Letter K Kitten

Cats and kittens coloring pages

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