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Tortoise, Turtle and Sea Turtles Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Crafts

Activities Materials

Young children will have fun making an easy and fun craft of a turtle or tortoise. Other printable support materials and links to related activities are provided.

Visit the turtle and tortoise theme for additional activities.Let's get started.

Before or after completing the craft conduct your choice of suggested educational activities:

Activity > Science & Social Studies >
Learning about Turtles and the Tortoises > Endangered Animals

Some turtles and tortoises are endangered. One of the most critically endangered is the leatherback sea turtle [information below].

Science and Social Studies objectives:
* Understand that people need to respect animal and plant life, natural resources and their habitats.
* Identify ways people help protect these living things so that they are not endangered or become extinct.
* Define and understand the terms:
- extinct: to die out, there aren't any left alive
- endangered species: when an animal or plant species is in danger of becoming extinct.
* Identifying an endangered animal: apes > the chimpanzee, gorilla and orangutan.
* Identifying at least one endangered animal in your geographical area: country or region. Learn a few basic facts about this animal.

Review the external resources and suggested online resources below to prepare and expand on the objectives:

Where to start?
Ask children what they know about the turtle or tortoise, or if they have seen pictures or read stories that have this type of animal as a character. Ask children if they have heard about endangered animals or extinct animals, and what these terms mean to them. Keep notes of their responses.

Basic facts about turtles and tortoise:
A turtle is a reptile.

A reptile is a class of cold-blooded animal with a skeleton inside its body and dry scales or hard plates on its skin. Most reptiles lay eggs with soft, leathery shells. Some reptiles live in water, but use their noses to breathe air into their lungs. Lizards, turtles, snakes and crocodiles are kinds of reptiles.

Turtles and tortoises have soft body covered by a hard shell that lives in water or on land. A tortoise is a turtle that lives on land. A turtle pulls its head, legs, and tail into its shell for protection.

* We need to take care of the habitats of turtles and tortoises, because some are critically endangered (review and define) and could become extinct (review and define). People around the world are dedicated to protecting endangered animals and their habitats.

External educational resources for additional information, fun facts, and wonderful images of tortoises and turtles:

1. Sea turtles > YouTube @ All Things Animals

2. Turtles and tortoises >
You Tube @ National Geographic, this is a little long, but you can show portions

* National Geographic Kids > facts, photos, video, map, and a colorful printable fact card:
3. Gal√°pagos Tortoise: The largest tortoise in the world. These can live up to 100 years!

4. Leatherback Sea Turtles: The biggest turtles on Earth.

5. Loggerhead Sea Turtles: The most common sea turtles in the waters of the U.S.A.

Activity: Alphabet > Letter T Tortoise | Turtle lesson plan and printable activities

Activity > Craft >
Tortoise or Turtle Shapes Craft All you need is a printer, paper or construction paper, glue stick, scissors and something to color with.

craft assembly conduct some of the learning activities suggested for the craft which may include:
1. Shapes | Math | Colors: Identifying shapes, colors, counting the craft templates.

Skills developed during craft assembly: Scissor cutting and coloring (precursors to handwriting), problem solving, fine motor skills.

Activity:Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Tortoise or Turtle & Sea turtle
Objective: View animal and review facts. Problem solving skills. Bilingual: English and Spanish

Have fun with an online puzzle of a real ladybug that can be adapted from 6 pieces to 247. The whole family can have a try. Click on the Change Cut button to adjust number and shape of pieces.

Activity: Tortoise | Turtle Coloring Pages for puppets and display
These coloring pages can be printed on sturdy card stock paper to make hand puppets. Color, cut out and attach to a craft stick.
letter t turtle tortoise printable activities
Lesson plan printable activities:
T is for Tortoise | Turtle

Turtle and tortoise coloring pages

Tortoise | Turtle coloring pages

Review links in the lesson plan for other Printable Activities

Online Jigsaw puzzles
turtle online jigsaw puzzle
Tortoise or turtle

turtle online jigsaw puzzle
Sea turtle