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Bat Crafts | Alphabet Letter B Theme | Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities and Worksheets




Alphabet Letter BLetter B is for Bat

Animals > Mammals > Bat theme

Books > Stellaluna [listen online]
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Crafts >
Bat Paper Crafts
(2 choices)

Colors Black or Brown

Online Coloring > Halloween Bats

Online Stories >
*The Story of Echo the Bat and
*Books > Stellaluna
*Fables > The Bat and the Birds

Holidays & Events >
Oct. 31st > Halloween

Online jigsaw puzzles

Body: Ovals, Head Circle, Ears: Crescent

The bat is indeed a fascinating creature and often times quite misunderstood.  Let's have fun with the bat and also learn some real fun facts that will help our children have an appreciation for how wonderful and important this animal is!!

** Valentine's Day:  Yes, the bat is so much fun for Valentine's Day too!  Have you heard the expression:  I am "Batty" for You.  Make your choice of bat craft in combination of pink and red shades.  Add heart stickers to the wings and replace the center body portion with an elongated heart and you have the cutest Valentine bat.  

** Halloween Theme - Nocturnal Scenes - The bat is generally nocturnal (active at night) and  associated with the "mysterious" darkness of the night and Halloween festivities.  Other animals that share similar "reputations" are: the owl, black cat and spiders, to name a few.  Learning real facts about bats and these other animals is important to dispel fears and instead children can learn the difference between facts and myths/fiction or superstitions.

Ideally, plan for a number of days of activities for older children and keep it simple for children under three years old.

Review the activities, printable materials, theme accessories for the craft and learning links below to decide on what sequence or materials works best for your needs.

Activity #1:  Learning about Bats:

Online Resources:  Bats at KidZone.ws WOW!!

I didn't have to go far to enjoy a lot fun information  to share with the children, Bats at KidZone.ws, a wonderful resource that the whole family can enjoy, lots of images, printable resources, crafts and more! This great resource is the effort of a mother and daughter team, Tasha, age eight in 2002, and mom, Leanne.  Explore it and choose the information you feel would be appropriate for the ages of the children you are sharing with.   

Encourage a discussion and dialogue:  Ask the children what do they know about bats.   Proceed to discuss some basic facts for young children in the links provided.  View and explore images.

Activity #2:  Bat Crafts 

Visit your choice of two easy bat crafts featured in the materials column.  Both crafts depict the bat with a joyful and friendly face.  These are available in black/gray (for Halloween) or traditional brown tones.  The black and white format can be colored in or  use the template to trace over other materials and cut out pieces.  The crafts also invite other learning activities such as, problem solving and small motor skills (putting the craft together like a puzzle), scissor cutting, identifying shapes, counting, learning colors and more.

Printable Bat Craft
This is an easy four piece craft that can be assembled in various ways and different using various materials.  

Handprint or Hand Cut-outs Bat Craft
This is a fun and cute craft that also preserves the handprint of the children and makes a cute gift and decoration.  Available in black/gray (Halloween) or traditional brown tones and coloring format.

Activity #3: Alphabet Activity:  Letter B for Bat Activities
Visit the Letter B Bat Activities and printable support materials.

Activity #4:  Online Coloring > 
:  Colors and using the computer mouse
Visit these Halloween theme pages with images of bats.
Bats and moon | Bat and Dracula

Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Bat
Skills:  Problem solving.  Bilingual English and Spanish

Here is an online puzzle the children will enjoy with a fun bat image.  The default puzzle is 6 pieces.  Click on the change cut button to change shape and number of pieces.

Activity #5
:  Literature and/or Online Story time > Bats
An introduction to bats is not complete without a wonderful picture book and great story.

1. Books > Online Story > Stellaluna
> by Janell Cannon and Jewell Cannon Ages 4 - 8
Visit Storyline Online to listen to the story read with illustrations of the book. It is a wonderful way to learn about the fruit bat and so much more!

Bat Theme Online Stories:
1.  The Bat and the Birds a Fable at KidZone - adaptable for ages 5+  

2. Online Story > The Story of Echo the Bat (USGS & NASA) - (SCIENCE
Introduces children to satellite imagery and the habitats of bats through heartwarming narrative.

Bat Paper Crafts:
Handprint or Hand Cut-outs Bat

Bat Printable Craft
(4 pieces)
Visit the printable bat craft activities and templates

illustrations only

Available: Black, Brown & Black & White

Alphabet B Bat Printable Activities

Online jigsaw puzzle

Review instructions other printable materials

To view updates to these activities visit: http://www.first-school.ws/activities/animals/wild/bat1.htm
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