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Lion Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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Lion Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities
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Science & Social Studies: Learning about Lions
The lion is a large, very strong mammal with short tan fur. Male lions have a mane of longer hair around the neck and head. Lions live in the plains and grasslands of Africa and the Asiatic lion in the Gir Fur Forest of India. Lions live in groups called a pride. The female is called a lioness and the young are cubs. Lions are carnivores and are closely related to tigers, leopards, and other big cats that roar. The African lion is endangered, and the Asiatic lion is critically endangered.

Online resources > National Geographic Kids > Creature Feature > Lions

Activity: Online Jigsaw Puzzle > Lion
Skills: Problem solving, bilingual English and Spanish
Here is an online puzzle the children will enjoy with a fun lion image. The default puzzle is 6 pieces. Click on the change cut button to change shape and number of pieces.

Activity: Alphabet Printable Activities: Letter L is for Lion

Other activities: Visit the lion theme to present an online story, or fable, picture book, printable activities and crafts of your choice.

Bible theme activities: Daniel in the Den of Lions > coloring page (Bible text > Daniel 6)
The lion theme can be incorporated to present the Bible story of Daniel in the Den of Lions. A fun way is to have lion (printable craft) help "read" the story from his point of view and as partner storyteller. The educator and "lion" can share telling the story. Lion can ask the children questions, etc.

letter l lion printable activities
Letter L Lion printable activities

lion online jigsaw puzzle
Lion online jigsaw puzzle

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lions coloring pages
Lion coloring pages