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Activity 1:  Color Recognition Skills - Colors of the Rainbow - Color the Rainbow with Freda Frog - Ages 2+

Colors are everywhere and the rainbow has all the colors that we see around us.  Visit this activity, where Freda Frog will take the children in a simple online activity to color a rainbow with primary and secondary colors.  If you wish you can also do the flashcard activity to reinforce color recognition.

Activity 2:  Color & Art Appreciation - Color Mixing Activity  Ages 2.5+
It is a wonderful experience for children to see and experience how colors mix and form other colors.

Purpose:  Demonstrate to children how the primary colors:  red, blue and yellow mix and form the secondary colors:  green, orange, and purple.

1. Print or view from the screen the Color Mixing Poster - Primary & Secondary Colors.  Review the primary colors and show how the colors combine to form the secondary colors.

2. Print the Color Mixing Activity Page

3. Skills: Color Mixing and Letter Matching
Materials: primary color paints, Q-tips or brushes, damp cloth or paper towel for each child.

This activity will help children mix colors but also match the color words.  They will fill the rainbow arches with the corresponding color.  Once they fill the primary color arches they will mix those two colors on the right arch to obtain the secondary color.

This activity is a lot easier and fun with finger paints, especially with children 4 years and under.  Provide a damp/wet cloth or damp paper towel to each child so they can clean their fingers and switch colors.  Older children may use Q-tips or medium tip brushes.  Finger paints, water colors or tempera paints mixed with a bit of dishwashing liquid (for quick cleanup) work well. 
color mixin poster primary and secondary colors
Color Mixing Poster
Primary & Secondary Colors

color mixing activity worksheet
Color Mixing Activity Worksheet