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Ages: 2 to 6 years old |  Preschool and Kindergarten
This is activity is a lot of fun after introducing the topic of reptiles and snakes and to reinforce letter S.   

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Print Letter S Snake coloring page. Discuss how the snake resembles letter S.  Demonstrate how letter S is written in one continuous stroke.

Encourage children to first trace with their finger as if they were writing letter S inside the snake image.

Find the letter S's: Ask children to circle or fill the printed letter S's in the coloring page (not the snake image).  Count how many letter S's were found.

Art Appreciation | Visual Arts > Lines > Visit this short presentation about lines.
Have children select a favorite color of crayon.  Encourage children to make line designs inside the snake image. Talk about lines and make a demonstration of vertical, horizontal, diagonal, zigzag, curved, etc.   Ask children what kind of line was used to draw the snake and letter S.

After children have made line designs on the snake they will paint the image with watercolor, diluted tempera paints or finger paints.  Use brushes, or sponges, cotton balls for younger children.  This technique produces a really neat effect, since the crayon will not run and the water color will stay within the crayon markings.  When it is dry its even prettier! 

Letter S Snake

watercolors or diluted tempera paints, finger paints.
* paint brushes


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