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*Apple theme
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Ages: 3 to 6 Level: Preschool and Kindergarten, VBS, Sunday school

Important Note
:  The suggested discussion is only a generic guide.  Please adjust the presentation of the Bible passage or stories based on your particular religious denomination.  It would be wise if you have any doubts, to also discuss with your spiritual guide:  priest, pastor, or reverend, to also help you in conducting any of the Bible activities.

This is a simple and wonderful craft activity to talk to children about the Bible, plants, and introduce stories of the Bible.   

*This craft is very appropriate for Easter and Palm Sunday activities. 

* Print the template and follow the easy instructions: print, cut (adult assistance) and child decorates template pieces, adult cuts center of plate as indicated, and child glues the template pieces.  Add a ribbon or string to hang the wreath.

For older children:
Variation:  After cutting the plate to form a donut, glue real fresh leaves, twigs, flower petals, or old  potpourri  to cover the plate and then glue the template pieces over that.

Suggested discussion, please adjust as necessary:  
* Discuss how plants were created by God and they are important growing things.  All creatures benefit from plants and have been very important to in stories of the Bible.  Identify them in the wreath.

You may want to include  Bible story time after or before completing the craft, here are some suggestions:

Bible Lesson Plan at DLTK's Bible:
About the Bible (God's Book - Psalm 119:105) or Psalm 33:4
This lesson plan incorporates various printable activities and this craft.

**  All plants:  God creates plants. (Genesis: 1-11-12)

**  Olive Branch:  Noah's Ark (Genesis 6-9)

**  Apple Tree:  Adam & Eve and the Garden of Eden (Genesis: 3: 1-15) Apple theme activities

**  Grapes:  I am the Vine; You are the branches, (John 15:5)

** Palm Sunday (Mathew, Mark, Luke and John passages) 

B is for Bible Printable Activities

Craft available at
Print the template for DLTK's Plants from the Bible Wreath

* white paper or card stock
* scissors
* glue, 
* crayons or markers
* paper plate

Optional other Bible decorations: 
* mentioned in the link.
 *  A piece of yarn or ribbon to hang the craft
 * pick twigs, leaves flower petals or old potpourri to further decorate the wreath 

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