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The Resurrection of Jesus

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Ages: 3 to 6 Level: Preschool and Kindergarten, VBS, Sunday school

* Easter Sunday is the most important Christian festival of the year.  It commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus.

* Because this is such a special holiday for Christian families it is important to present the information to young children  in a  memorable way.

* Young children can enjoy having this event presented to them with simple language, and explaining the meaning of some words that may be new to them.  This activity can be conducted any time of the year.

Activity #1:  Read The Resurrection of Jesus Online
* Visit First-School's Bible story adaptations:
 The Resurrection of Jesus (Mathew 27) adapted for young children 3+ and older
or (in the same page)
He is Alive (John 20) adapted for children under 4 years old.

* Please adapt the text to your particular needs.  You may want to look at the bottom of the stories for the meaning of some key words in the story to help in the reading. 

*Be prepared to answer questions from your child.

Activity #2:  "He is Risen" Puzzle Craft

*  After reading the story the children can practice putting the "He is Risen" puzzle together that will also reinforce the reading of the story.

There are couple of methods to use the puzzle:
Method 1:  
* Print your template of choice in color or black and white - links in the materials column.
* Child colors the template if applicable
Cut excess paper around the template and then cover in clear Contact paper then cut pieces for a puzzle that can be used many times.
* You can also glue small pieces of sand paper to the back to use on a felt board.
* Or recycled magnets and attach to the back and child can use on an old cookie sheet or refrigerator door.

Method 2:  
* Child colors the template
* Cut pieces, assemble and glue the pieces  onto a piece of paper or card stock.
* Once dry, cut around the image,  make a hole on the top and insert a pretty ribbon or yarn.

Uses for the assembled puzzle:   Christmas ornament, a greeting card or gift card .  Idea:  Attach to a handprint wreath -- see an example here at DLTK.

Activity #3:  Coloring Page Activity: The Resurrection
The coloring page link is on the materials column and on the online story page.

This coloring page can be done on a different day to reinforce the reading.
This image is appealing to children because the characters are children like them and this will make them feel more connected to the story.

Encourage the children to color, paint and decorate the page.  Read the text at the bottom and review the Bible story

Activity #4:  Easy Shapes Greeting Card - He is Risen
If conducting this activity during the Easter holidays, children can make greeting cards for family members and friends, that commemorate this very important event. 

Visit The Resurrection of Jesus online story.

Print your choice of color or black & white:

 He is Risen (He is Alive) Puzzle

He is Risen Puzzle (black & white)

Alphabet Bible printable materials:
*A is for Angel
*J is for Jesus

Coloring Page:  The Resurrection

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