Five Little Ducks Book Song | Learning Numbers 1-5 and Colors
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Five Little Ducks book Five Little Ducks, (Raffi Songs to Read) illustrated by José Aruego and Ariane Dewey

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Five Little Ducks, Raffi Songs to Read is a really wonderful book and popular song to learn and practice numbers 1 to 5, subtraction concepts, and color recognition.

If you cannot obtain the book, here is a link to the song's text and music!  Print and use background music for the activity.Any season is a wonderful way to celebrate with a Mommy Duck and her five little ducklings.

Duck theme lesson plan activities
Review and include printable activities addressing the alphabet letter D, duck facts, online jigsaw puzzles and more.

Activity 1: Flannel board or banner activity > color recognition and counting 1-5

Before reading the story and song prepare the materials for a banner or flannel board activity.

Steps for flannel board character cards and craft-stick puppets:
1.  For display, print color template, cut along solid lines.

2.  For children:

Ages 4 and under: Print color version, cut out, and attach cards to craft sticks for hand puppets or make the banner suggested, instructions below.Ages 4+: Print coloring format.  Instruct to color using the same colors as the book or select primary and secondary colors, identify the numerals. Practice scissor cutting or help as needed.

Suggested presentation procedure:  Color & Number  Practice 1 thru 5 Activity, Music

Read the story from the book or print the song from the link provided and sing.

Place Mommy Duck and the five little ducks (ducklings) felt board characters in number order on the felt board.

As you read the story, remove number 5 from the flannel board, when the first duck is "lost," ask the children what color is the little duck that is left,  and so forth, until all five ducks are removed.  Continue to reinforce the number and color of the ducklings.

For older children, discuss subtraction concepts and write simple equations:

"5 ducks minus 1 duck equals 4 ducks."   At the end of the story, reunite all five ducklings on the flannel board or hold all ducks together.  Have all the children cheer and hold up their puppets to celebrate the duck family is reunited!

Make a vertical banner:

Materials:  The character cards, 1 piece of construction paper, cut in half lengthwise and glue.

Attach title header first, Mama Duck, and ducks in number order (see illustration).

Other ideas:
Make a simple mobile using a paper towel tube, cover with construction paper, use some string or leftover ribbon of different lengths and hang in your child's play area by a window where your child can see it.

five little ducks numbers colors craft
Five Little Ducks
Numbers & Colors

Coloring format

Five Little Ducks banner photo
Banner illustration

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D'Nealia and Standard block

* scissors
* glue (optional)
* craft sticks or drinking straws for puppets.
*Small pieces of sand paper for flannel board.
*Something to color with: crayons or markers
*1 sheet of construction paper cut lengthwise for banner.