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Each book is complemented with printable Mouse Activities and Crafts and related educational materials and lesson plans.  
Basic materials needed for the activities:  printer for printable crafts, paper and/or construction paper, glue stick, crayons / markers / paints, paint brushes, scissors, construction paper.

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Leo Lionni's Little Mice Tales > Frederick and three more fables - Author and Illustrator:  Leo Lionni

Frederick seems to be bit distracted to his mice family, since he doesn't seem interested in collecting food and preparing for winter.  Frederick has his own special way of making a big contribution as he "daydreams" and "collects" and prepares in an imaginative way what will warm the hearts of all his mice family during the cold and long winter ahead.

Skills:  Encourage the imagination and creativity. Visual arts:  the collage technique

paper, printable, printable mouse craft template, or mouse coloring page, glue, scissors, crayons /markers/ paints

Activities > Visual Arts & Art Appreciation > Collage Technique
  • Leo Lionni was a master of the collage art technique represented in children's picture books. Take a close look at many of his illustrations as they collages of simple shapes.
  • Discuss what is a collage and the inventor of this art technique, Picasso.
  • Select and print a simple shapes printable mouse craft (coloring format only)
  • Children will color or paint each template piece with different hues and colors of their choice.
  • The decorated craft templates are cut out,  pasted and assembled in the collage technique over a piece of color construction paper.
  • Encourage children to use the decorated templates to create their own unique mouse collage illustration,  not necessarily as the illustration on the template.
  • Children ages 4+ and older can add other elements to their collage, as they are inspired by a selection of Leo Lionni's books.