Mouse Theme Picture Books Activities - Mouse Count

Each book is complemented with printable mouse activities and crafts and related educational materials and lesson plans.

Basic materials needed for the activities:
printer, paper and/or construction paper, glue stick, crayons / markers / paints, paint brushes, scissors.

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Mouse Count
, Author Ellen Stoll Walsh
Available in Spanish: Cuenta ratones

Type: Counting Book Level: Preschool-K
A hungry and sneaky snake takes juicy, warm, tasty and sleepy mice and counts them one to ten into a jar.

Thankfully, one mouse wakes up, and tricks the snake, who leaves momentarily. The mice rock the jar from side to side to escape the greedy snake. As they escape the jar, they uncounted themselves. ... Fun way to count!!

Skills and Activities:Learn counting numbers 1 thru 10 > number writing practice > counting manipulatives

paper, printable mouse craft or coloring page, glue, scissors, coloring tools, clear container or jar

Group activity:
  • Read Mouse Count once.
  • Children assemble a printable mouse craft or color and decorate a mouse coloring page and cut-out the image.
  • Place a container or large jar in each group of nine children.
  • Each child is assigned a number for their mouse to play - print the number on the image.
  • The book is read-aloud a second time, and children place their mouse in the jar/container when their number is counted.
  • The educator will "bounce" the container from side to side until all the mice "fall out" to escape and are uncounted.
Numbers in a Jar worksheets -- use small manipulatives suggested to count and practice writing numerals and / or number words until all worksheets are completed over a period of time.