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The Shape of Things, author Dayle Ann Doods,
Illustrated by
Julie Lacome

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Level:  Preschool and Kindergarten 

I felt inspired to make this simple Easy Shapes House or Home  Craft by a book called:  The Shape of Things, author, Dayle Ann Dodds, illustrated by Julie Lacome.

The back cover has an excerpt of the first page:
"A square is just a square, 
Until you add a roof,
two windows and a door,
then it's much, much more."

The illustrations are childlike and very appealing to the young and the young at heart.
The illustrator, Julie Lacome comments:
"For the borders of each page," she says, " I used potato-cut printing, as children do in school--that was the most fun!

Look for this title at your library, the children will love it and it will help get them excited about doing the house craft activity.

The House or Home of Shapes Craft activity is a complement to the reading of this book.  Please visit the link in the activity or materials column.

Easy Shapes House Craft

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The activity & craft featured above ties in with this book.


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