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> March 17th >
St. Patrick's Day

Include some great coloring pages in the St. Patrick's festivities to reinforce the color green in the link suggested.

Visual Arts:  Tints and Shades
Help children make tints and shades of green
Tint > add white to primary green
Shade > add black to primary green

Help children make at least one tint and one shade.  Mix paints in a paper plate.

Ask children to describe the tint(s) and shades they have created by using descriptive words, such as:  light green, dark green, mint green, etc. this is a great vocabulary builder.


Visit this link to learn more about St. Patrick's Day and share some facts images of Ireland with the children

Print your choice of St. Patrick's Day coloring pages

*Paints: green, white and black 
*markers or coloring pencils

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