St. Patrick's Day | Tints and Shades of Green | Visual Arts
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities & Materials

st. patrick's day coloring pagesInclude some coloring pages in the St. Patrick's festivities to reinforce the color green.

Materials > St. Patrick's Day coloring page, paints: green, white and black, paint brushes or just fingerpainting, damp cloth and water to clean brushes

Visual Arts: Tints and Shades
Help children make tints and shades of green
Tint > add white to primary green
Shade > add black to primary green

Help children make at least one tint and one shade. Mix paints in a paper plate.

Ask children to describe the tint(s) and shades they have created by using descriptive words, such as: light green, dark green, mint green, etc. this is a great vocabulary builder.

Visit this link to learn more about St. Patrick's Day and share some facts images of Ireland with the children.