Consonant Digraph Sh Shepherd Theme
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Alphabet > Letter S >
Consonant Digraph: Sh is for Shepherd
or Sheep

> Shepherd and sheep themes

> Mammals >
Farm > Sheep and Wolf

Character Education >
Online stories >
Fables  >

The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf
The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Crafts > Sheep
Shepherd & Wolf for Aesop's fable

Bible > Alphabet >
Standard block

Holidays and Seasonal
> activities for the sheep and shepherd
Here are printable materials and some suggestions to present community helper, the shepherd:

Community Helper >  What does a shepherd do?
A shepherd is a herder.  A worker who herds, feeds and watches over sheep.  It is also referred to a person that guards and protects.  Shepherding is one of oldest professions.
Resource > shepherd at

Shepherd activities and crafts:
Alphabet > Digraph Sh is for Shepherd 
This lesson plan introduces digraph Sh with various printable materials.

Nursery Rhymes > Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue Nursery Rhyme activities and craft

Literacy and Character Education >
Select, read and print an Aesop's Fable:
     1.   The Shepherd Boy and Wolf [also known as The Boy Who Cried Wolf] coloring page
     2.  The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing 
Related crafts: wolf theme | sheep theme

Bible Theme Activities >
    1.  Luke 15:1-7 > The Parable of the Lost Sheep - coloring page:  with text | no text    
    2.  Luke 2:8-20 Angel Visits the Shepherds

           coloring page: with text | no text
External link > As the Shepherd Knows his Lamb Rhyme

Shepherd and lamb tube craft and paper craft at to support all the activities


*coloring and writing materials

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