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Turkey Craft | Pinecone | Feathers | Thanksgiving
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials

Activities 1 & 2 > Visit lesson plans and resources for > What is a turkey? and What is Thanksgiving?

This is a very simple paper craft for young children to present a very special North American bird, the turkey.

The turkey craft features a pinecone template for the body and head, and "feathers." Explain that only birds have feathers, unlike other classes of animals.

Trees > Evergreen > Conifers and their Pinecones

A pinecone
is like a strong little home or nest for seeds to develop for a group of plants called conifers. The conifers include the pine, cedars, spruce and other evergreen trees. Evergreen trees generally stay green all year round and don't loose their leaves. Some varieties of conifers are harvested specifically to decorate as Christmas trees. Visit related activities about trees and their importance.

Turkey Craft | Pinecone | Feathers | Thanksgiving
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities
Activities 3 > Turkey Craft >

Printing, assembly and decoration suggestions:

The turkey craft can be assembled in various ways, the images show two possible alternatives. Allow children to explore and make their own unique turkey.

Tips: Help children cut eyes and feet templates as one piece.
Paper eyes can be replaced by wiggly plastic eyes. Use real feathers or handprint cut-outs instead of the paper feather templates.

Printing option 1: Print color template 1 with paper feathers, or color template 2 and use craft feathers or two handprint cut-outs and assemble.

Printing option 2:
Print black & white template 1 with paper feathers or template 2 and use craft feathers, or handprint cut-outs. Children can color, or paint.

Printing and assembly option 3: For older children, Print black and white option. Cut out template pieces and trace, onto different colors of craft paper or foam sheets.

Letters or numbers activity explained below how to use on black and white templates below.

Alphabet Skills >
Whenever possible use the craft to introduce an alphabet letter -- T is for Turkey or numberspractice Have the children write letter T somewhere in the craft.

Letters & Numbers Practice: Color-by-the-Number or Color-by the Letter Activities
Before distributing the coloring template, write numbers or letters in the template pieces to represent colors making it a color-by-the-number or color-by-the letter activity. On a separate piece of paper make a simple graph with the number or letter and the designated color so the children can refer to it.

: Make sure to identify shapes where applicable: the beak is a triangle, the eyes are ovals.

Pinecone and Feathers Turkey Craft
two assembly suggestions
pine con and feathers turkey craft

pine cone and feathers turkey craft

Color Version

Template #1

(with paper feathers)

Template #1a

(no feathers-other options suggested)

Black & White
Template #1

(with paper feathers)

Template #1a

(no feathers - other options suggested)

letter t turkey printable activities
Letter T Turkey printable activities