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This is one of a collection of easy-to- assemble paper bag puppets with 2 or 3 piece templates for children 2+ and older.  It can quickly become one of your favorite  "teaching/ learning helpers" and also a great homemade toy!  If you don't have paper bags, that's OK, because it can also be a craft stick puppet when mounted or printed onto sturdy paper or thin cardboard and then assembled.

This craft can be adapted to use to depict a domesticated bovines: the bull, cow or an ox.

Color Version:
Template 1: color head  Template 2: color body
The color version is meant for the educator (parent, preschool teacher, child care provider or baby-sitter) to use as a teaching helper:
1.  Story time helper:
The puppet can be the story teller and reader.  It can bring excitement and enthusiasm into the reading time.  This "helper" can ask questions to the children during and after the reading.  Later the children can have fun assembling their own puppet using the black and white version templates.

2.  Introduce any New Topics:
The puppet can help introduce any new theme, or topic such as letters of the alphabet (refer to the links in the materials column), numbers, colors, science concepts, animal facts (farm animals theme), the seasons, special occasions & events listed in the activities column.

online facts, images resources:
CattleCows are raised for their meat (called beef and veal), dairy products (milk), leather and as working animals (transport: pulling carts, plows and the like).
Bull: define as male of cattle: an adult male of any breed of domestic cattle or other bovine animal.

Cow: an adult female of any breed of domestic cattle or other bovine animal.  

Ox: The domestic ox is invaluable in agriculture as a bovine
working animal animal, that pulls a cart or wagon, pulling heavy loads and plows.  Visit the related activities for the American legend, Paul Bunyan and his blue Ox, Babe.  The ox is also one of the twelve animals represented in the Chinese Zodiac, therefore, appropriate for presenting in Chinese New Year theme.

3.  Potty Training / Dental Care / Nutrition/ Visits to the Doctor / Responsibility:
The puppet can be a great aid in those special times when parents need a fun helper in potty training, dental care, trying a new food,  and give that little nudge and friendly reminder to have the children cooperate in picking up their toys, help in learning how to dress themselves, and even alleviate the anxiety to a visit to the doctor or dentist, or to help introduce a new caregiver, etc.

4.  Musical Conductor
These puppets are great to get the children in the mood for singing that new song or nursery rhyme!  Try it!

5.  Safety Issues
The puppet can help introduce and role play safety issues:  how to deal with strangers, fire safety, water safety, crime prevention,  how to call 911 and what to do in an emergency, childhood poison prevention, etc.

Craft Version and Homemade Toy:  Bull / Cow / Ox  Black & White Templates
1.  This version can also be printed directly on color craft paper or construction paper to match a particular character in a book, for a example a story with a "Blue Bear."

2.  This version allows the children to be creative and personalize the puppet.  Provide a variety of art materials to color, paint and/or decorate the puppet.

Assembly instructions:

1.  Print template for head and body - black & white version: 
Template 1: head  Template 2:  body

2.  The template can be colored and decorated before or after assembly, whichever you or the children prefer.  My experience has been that many children like to color and decorate after the pieces are glued to the bag.  Either way it is fun.  If dealing with paints is better to paint before cutting or assembling.

3.  Here is an illustration of how to place pieces on the bag.  The body template is meant to run a little bigger in the bottom than the  length of the bag and legs in some version will dangle.  Suggestion:  Cut about 2 to 2/12 inches off the bottom of the bag.  This makes the puppet more comfortable and manageable for the children.

4.  Craft Stick Puppet Version:  
Print the templates using heavy duty construction paper or card stock.  Another method is to print on regular paper color/paint/decorate and then glue to thin cardboard (cereal box or other similar box).  Adult needs to cut the template out and then children can assemble.  Use a craft stick (Popsicle stick or tongue depressor, or a new pencil that has not been sharpened).   

Matching Printable Materials:
 Bull, Cow or Ox printable progressive puzzles - four stages to adapt to the children's growing skills.


Bull, Cow or Ox Paper Bag Puppet Craft
Bull, Cow or Ox Printable Paper Bag Puppet Craft
illustration only
print templates below

head | body

Black & White
head | body

Instructions for assembly

*Matching Cow Progressive Puzzle (4 stages)

Alphabet Printable Activities

C is for Cow

O is for Ox

X > Ox ends with X

*paper or construction paper or card stock
*something to color or paint with
*lunch size paper bag or Popsicle stick/craft stick/new pencil 

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