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The bee is such fun insect to explore as we can all learn so much from the beneficial things (honey bees) that it does. Let's explore this animal and make an easy craft. We can address many other basic concepts and skills.

Activity: Aesop's Fable > The Bear and Bees
Present this Aesop fable. Both animal characters start with letter B. Use the bee craft below and a bear craft to present the story. Discuss what is a fable and the moral lesson in the story.

Activity: Bee or Bumblebee Craft - 4 pieces (Ages 2.5 and older)

Printing / Assembly and Decoration Suggestions:

Review themes/ learning activities that can be presented before, during and after assembly.

1. Printing option 1 color template
the template pieces to practice numbers, identify shapes (head - circle, wings and body - ovals), identify colors (mainly yellow & black), cut out (scissor skills) assist when necessary, and children can assemble as shown on the alphabet poster or the template. The wings can be glued under or over the body, which ever is easier for the children to do. (Optional: add a set of wax paper wings, read below)

2. Option 3: Print black & white template
Children can color in a suggested color to practice (yellow), conduct learning activities suggested above, and cut out template pieces (assist when needed).

Other ideas for decorating the craft:
1. Wax Paper Wings: Cut out the wing templates, and use them as guideline to cut an extra pair of wax paper wings. Trace on the non waxy side with a felt marker. Glue only to the section of the paper wing that will be glued to the bee's body. This will create a double set of wings and these will flutter when the children shake the bee.

2. My Bee Can Fly: Make a tiny hole/opening in the center of the body and insert a piece of yarn (about 9-12") through the back and make a triple knot. Tie the string to Popsicle stick to make a puppet or little flying bee.

3. Valentine's Day "Bee Mine" - Print the black and white version directly to pink craft paper. Fill in the dots, tail and center stripe with red marker, coloring pencils or crayons. Write message in the back or on the wide front stripe.

Themes & Learning Activities for Bees Crafts:
Basic concepts about bees and why are they beneficial

Basic explanation of what is pollination

The theme can reinforce letter B activities, here are some suggestions:
ees are Beneficial Bugs
*Busy Bees in my Backyard

Animal Facts: The Bee - Offline and Online Activities
Learning some basic facts about the bees:
Make sure to prepare an interesting display with the alphabet posters, coloring pages, have some honey for a tasting activity and perhaps an example of beeswax or candle.
  1. There are thousands of different kinds of bees.
  2. They are found everywhere in the world except the North and South Poles.
  3. Bees are the only insects that make food that humans eat, (honey). Honey is a natural and healthy sweetener. Engage in a honey tasting activity or an easy recipe calling for honey as a main ingredient
  4. Beeswax is used in making candles, and other products.
  5. Bees live in large groups called colonies.
  6. Their dwellings (homes) are called hives.
  7. The leader of each hive is the queen. She directs the activities of the other bees, the workers and the drones. Many people raise bees for the production of honey and wax or just as a hobby.
  8. The honey bee is important for the farming industry and natural settings in the process of pollination for the production of crops and growth of wild plants. They are essential in pollinating fruit trees.
  9. At images and information: Honey Bee | Bee

2. Holidays/Seasons:
Valentine's Day Theme - print the black and white template to pink paper and you have a cute "Bee Mine" theme craft

Springtime - Garden - Farm Theme (honey bee) / Insect and Bugs - Include within one of these themed units.

Alphabet Activities: Letter B Bee or Bumblebee > Visit the link to lesson plan activities and printable materials.

Whenever possible use a craft activity to introduce or reinforce letters or number recognition -- in this case we can introduce B is for Bee, or Bumblebee and related b words. The letter can be also printed somewhere in the craft so they children can visually see it when they play with the craft.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles: Bee
Objectives: Problem solving skills. View the animal's image and review facts. Bilingual: English - Spanish

Have fun with an online puzzle of a bee that can be adapted from 6 pieces to 247. The whole family can have a try. Click on the Change Cut button to adjust number and shape of pieces.

Activity: Read an Online Story - Buzzy Bee stories by Carol Moore at Children's Storybook
These are are two fun online stories where children can see a bee in one her most important "chores" gathering pollen and nectar, and also learn a lesson or two about having too much of something.., They also get too "meet" beautiful bulb flowers and another insect that gathers pollen and is also beneficial and her name also starts with letter B, guess who it is?

1. Buzzy Bee: This short story takes Buzzy Bee on a trip to gather pollen and nectar from a number of bulb flowers the children can meet: the daffodil, the tulip, the hyacinth and one more, a lily ... there is a little moral lesson in there too ... she sort of eats too much, but her good friends come to her rescue.

2. Buzzy Bee and Friends:
Buzzy is up to her antics again but now she is shares a flower with another special insect that also gathers pollen, and shares the same first alphabet letter in her name, the butterfly. Again Buzzy has too much of a good thing!!

Printable Bee Craft
printable bee craft


Black and White
letter b bee printable activities
Letter B Bee Printable Activities

Bee coloring pages

bee online jigsaw puzzle
Bee online jigsaw puzzle