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The main skills to practice with the craft are:

  • Following a set of instructions and steps

  • Scissor cutting skills.

  • Recognizing different lines:  solid, dashed and dotted lines.

  • Numbers 1 to 8 > spiders have eight legs.  Children can count and trace the numbers on the template.

  • Identify the color black

Discuss what is a dashed, dotted and solid line and identify these in the template.

Tell the children they are going to follow five steps to make a fun spider windsock.

  • Step 1:  Cut handle along solid line.  A 12-inch piece of ribbon can also be used to make handle.

  • Step 2:  Cut close to the dashed line around the large template.  Discuss that spiders have eight legs.  Count and point to each number for each leg.  Older children can trace or fill the numbers.  Identify the color black on template.

  • Step 3:  Cut along the dotted lines.  Stop where the dotted line ends.  Optional:  add glitter glue to the template, wait to dry and continue to step 4.

  • Step 4:  Apply glue to area marked with an upper case letter S and affix to the underside of lower case letter s.  The word spider, starts with letter S.  Assist with this step.

  • Step 5:  Help children attach the handle to the undersides of the windsock with glue, tape or staples.

    Good JOB, the spider windsock is ready!

Activity > Alphabet > Letter S is for Spider

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Spider Mini Windsock Craft
spider mini windsock craft
Features are on both sides of the windsock
scissors, glue stick or tape.

letter s spider printable activities
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Letter S Spider

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