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This is a very easy craft to help children put away their "ocean treasures" if they have gone to the beach/seashore or they can pretend they have been there.   

Things to prepare and alternate ideas:
Ideally have some ocean shells that children may have collected.  Many discount stores and "dollar" stores have bagged shells that can also be helpful.  Shell pasta is also a fun choice and a few can be glued around the holder.  I've included a template with images of seashells, starfish, sand dollar, etc( in color and black and white) to color or decorate to put into the holders with additional suggestions.  Have fun!

Activity:  Letter O is for Ocean Printable Activities
For this activity have world map or globe to demonstrate and identify the oceans.  Print alphabet materials in the materials column.
What is the ocean?
1.  The vast body of salt water covering about three quarters of the earth's surface.
2.  Any of the major divisions of this body of water.  The five oceans are:  The Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern

Activity:  My Ocean Treasures Paper Plate Holder Craft

Share with the children they are going to make their own Ocean Treasures Holder to keep things they may find on a beach or seashore.

1.  Print and give each child a copy of the Ocean Treasure Holder Activity Page.  The page can  also printed onto a light/pastel colored craft or construction paper (yellow, orange, pink) that can be decorated and colored by the children.
2.  Ask and help the children to identify some of the objects and images in the page.  Read the title.
3.  Encourage the children to color and/or paint the images.  Cut out two half circle images.  This is good scissor practice for the older children.
4.  View paper holder assembly here.
Printable assembly instructions here.

While children color, prepare the paper plates: 1 and 1/2 paper plate for each child.  Glue or staple (adult)  half of an inverted plate to the bottom of the whole paper plate so that it forms a pocket.  Cover the staples with tape for precaution.  Distribute the assembled paper plate holders to the children.
5.  Have children glue the picture of the seashells to the bottom half (the front of the pocket, and the picture with the words "My Ocean Treasures" to the top half.   The children can further decorate the border of the plate if they desire.

Part II:  Ocean Treasures - Activity Page 2
Print and distribute the images in color or gray/white of the Ocean Treasures (ocean creatures found by the shore)

Now children can add real shells, and also color and decorate the images in the template.

1.  Science Review-Ocean Creatures:  
This is a good time to review some information about the ocean creatures:   
Starfish:  it has spiny skin and five arms-count them together
Sea snails as well as other sea creatures, use shells as their home. The sand dollar is almost like a circle, it has hundreds of tiny feet, a mouth on the center and it has a design that looks like a flower, sort of like a lily, etc.  There is more information in previous activities for these in the Ocean Creatures Section.

Idea:  Hide the Ocean Treasures Page outdoors or inside and the children can pretend they are at the sea shore collecting the shells, once they all find the Ocean Treasures page they can then proceed to decorate and color it.

2.  Number Practice:  Count the items on the page, you may even write the numbers in the back of the images for practice.

3.  Tracing and Art:  
Encourage the children to trace and color the gray outlines in the shells and other images.  This tracing practice is a good pre-writing skill.

Add a little shimmer to the shells with a bit of diluted glue and glitter if time allows.

Cut shells and have the children place them in their treasure holder.  Glue or staple a piece of string, piece of yarn or ribbon in the back of the holder so it can be displayed.

Read a story about ocean creatures or with a beach related theme.
Children's Literature: 
House of Hermit Crab by Eric Carle
Swimmy by Leo Lionni
Just Grandma and Me by Mercer Mayer

Related Bible Story:  
Here is text you can simplify and adapt if you don't have a children's Bible. Click on the link and you can see the passage,  you can change and select from 11 different versions of the Bible above the passage:  
**Genesis 1-2 The Creation- The Fifth Day - God Creates the Ocean Creatures (fish)- Genesis 1-2   
**Matthew 14 The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes   
**Matthew 17 Money Found In a Fish,  (children 4+ approx.)

Rent a video and discuss:
Rainbow Fish (many available), ages 2+
The Little Mermaid or sequel, ages 3+

*1 1/2 paper plates for each holder
*something to color or paint with
*paper or construction paper
*optional: string, yarn or ribbon to hand the holder
*glue or glue stick

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