Circle Bear Craft - Bear Paper Bag Puppet
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*Letter BB is for Bear
*Letter T > T is for Teddy bear

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Circle Bear
Bear or Teddy Paper Bag Puppet

Holidays and Events  
*July 10th > Teddy Bear Picnic Day
*Sept. 9th > Teddy Bear Day

Inventions Kids Love > Toys > Teddy Bears

Shapes > Circles

Read and discuss any book that has a bear or teddy bear as the main character.

Bookmarks are great motivators for reading and developing a love of books. You may want to make bookmarks using bear or Teddy bear stickers or make the circle bear craft or paper bag bear craft suggested in the materials column.

  A.A. Milne’s  Winnie-The-Pooh's Giant Lift-The-Flap Book: Learn Your Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, and More! (70 flaps) for preschoolers
  Corduroy & Company: A Don Freeman Treasury [Teddy Bear]
Eleven of Don Freeman beloved stories.  Ages 4+

Listen to this picture book on YouTube

Books with bear as the main character.

Make this circle bear craft or make your choice of between these two printable paper bag puppets:
  Bear | Teddy Bear Paper Bag (2 pc template)

These are great to do role-playing while reading the story.  materials needed listed on the link.

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