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Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials
This giant panda craft is one of a collection of easy-to- assemble paper bag puppets for preschool and elementary school children. These can quickly become one of your favorite "teaching/ learning helpers" and also great homemade toys!

Teaching Aid - Color Version
The color version is meant for the educator (parent, preschool teacher, child care provider or baby-sitter) to use as a teaching helper:
  1. Story time helper | Children's Literature > The puppet can be the story teller and reader. It can bring excitement and enthusiasm into reading time. This "helper" can ask questions to the children during and after the reading. Later the children can have fun assembling their own puppet.
  2. Introduce new themes and basic skills:

    A. Language Arts > Letter P is for Panda printable activities > These activities includes an activity worksheet and companion mini-book, poster, coloring page and handwriting practice worksheets.

    B. Numbers, Shapes and Colors >The head craft templates provide an opportunity to address skills to identify colors, the circle shape. Count the circle patterns and practice number order, and sort the circles by their size. Make sure to conduct these activities after cutting out the templates and before the assembly process.

    C. Science / Social Studies >The Giant Panda activities
    Visit the lesson plan activities to present basic facts about the panda and introduce children to the terms endangered species and extinct.

  3. Potty Training / Dental Care / Nutrition / Visits to the Doctor / Responsibility > The puppet can be a great aid in those special times when parents need a fun helper learning news or new experiences.
  4. Musical Conductor > These puppets are great to get the children in the mood for singing that new song or nursery rhyme! Try it!
  5. Safety Issues > The puppet can help introduce and role play safety issues: how to deal with strangers, fire safety, water safety, crime prevention, how to call 911 and what to do in an emergency, childhood poison prevention, etc. Visit the safety theme section for additional materials and resources.

Craft Version and Homemade Toy > Black & Templates only

  • Print the templates of your choice in color or black and white version.
  • The black and white version can be colored in or the templates can be traced and cut-out from black and white craft paper or construction paper. Suggestion: Replace paper eyes with plastic wiggly eyes for children 3+ and older.
  • Assemble the head craft first. Conduct the suggested learning activities discussed above in for numbers, shapes and colors
  • Read and review the illustrated instructions (steps A - E) for the craft.
  • Additional decorations > Chinese New Year: Red bow and gold stars stickers on chest area (colors of the Chinese flag)
Panda Paper Bag Puppet Craft
Circles Theme
Printable Panda Paper Bag Puppet
illustration only

Color Templates
(assemble first)


Black & White Templates
(assemble first)


Assembly instructions
(steps A to E)

Alphabet Letter P Panda printable activities
Letter P Panda printable activities

*paper, construction paper or card stock (black and white)
*coloring tools
*lunch size paper bag white or brown