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Activity 2:  Language: Great oaks from little acorns grow

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Language > English proverb: Great oaks from little acorns grow

This activity ties in with the suggested bulletin board idea incorporating the acorn craft in activity 3.

Print and assemble one acorn craft to use as a puppet to present the activity below.

There is an English proverb or saying that goes like this: Great oaks from little acorns grow.

What do you think this saying means?  Listen to children's responses.

Acorns are the fruit and the seed from which oak trees grow.

< Use the craft as a puppet to present this portion >

Yes, I am little acorn now, but I can grow into a tall and great oak tree, and you can too!  I will need, air, sunlight, good soil and water to grow into a great oak tree.

You were also like an acorn. First, you were a baby, and you are growing like an oak tree. What do you need to do to grow to be like a great oak tree?  Discuss. Learn to read and write, learn new things at school and at home everyday, be caring, kind and generous (discuss other good character traits at your discretion), eat nutritious food, exercise, and you will grow to be just like a great oak tree.

Give an example, of a  historical figure or talk about a member of your community or family that exemplifies this English proverb.

President's Day theme:
Abraham Lincoln lived in a small log cabin and his family was very poor. He worked very hard and loved to read when he was growing up. He went on to become a great leader and president of the United States!   Abe Lincoln is certainly an example of this saying.

Now let's have more fun with acorns! continue to activity #3

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Counting Autumn Acorns

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