Acorn Theme Autumn Season Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities
Activity 5: Science and Social Studies

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Visit each activity section for all the lesson plan content to present the acorn or nut theme for the autumn season.

Activity 5: Science and Social Studies
Review your choice of themes:

a.  Plants > Trees theme: how plants and trees grow > seasons > autumn. Briefly review how plants grow and how deciduous trees are affected by the change of seasons and weather.

b. Nutrition > "I am Nuts about Nutrition." Print and show My Plate for young children and have them identify where the nuts are in the meat, eggs, nuts and beans group - recommended amount for ages 2-6 is two servings a day.

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Print: Heatlhy Eating for Preschoolers

Coloring pages of animals that eat acorns:
turkey, hog (pig), squirrel, deer

Activity 1:
Preparation and introduction for the Acorn Theme

Activity 2:
Language>  Proverbs > Great oaks from little acorns grow
and bulletin board idea

Activity 3: 
Craft > Printable Acorn or Nut 

Activity 4:
Alphabet > Letter A is for Acorn

Activity 5:

Science and Social Studies >  Plants, Trees, Nutrition

Activity 6:
Numbers >
Counting Autumn Acorns

Related themes:
* Trees & the seasons 
* Oak activities

Holidays and Events >
Arbor Day