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Activity 1:
Preparation and introduction for the Acorn Theme

Activity 2:
Language >  Proverbs > "Great oaks from little acorns grow" and bulletin board idea

Activity 3: 
Craft > Printable Acorn or Nut 

Activity 4:
Alphabet Letter A: A is for Acorn or N is for Nut

Activity 5:

Science and Social Studies >  Plants, Trees, Nutrition

Activity 6>
Numbers >
Counting Autumn Acorns

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Holidays & seasons:
Arbor Day 
Ages 3 and older:
Visit each activity section for all the lesson plan content to present the acorn or nut theme for the autumn season.

Activity 6:  Numbers
Skills:  Counting, writing numbers

Option 1:
  Autumn Acorns Numbers Worksheets:  Available for different grade levels
Select which number range and grade level level you would like to practice using these worksheets.

Option 2: Numbers in a Jar Worksheets:
For these worksheets use real acorns or shelled nuts, to use as manipulatives and for counting purposes.   Later sample the nuts during snack time.

For math centers, insert the nuts into snack size zip lock bags and children can first estimate and then count the nuts. Children will place real nuts representing the number" inside the jar" featured in the worksheet and practice writing the numbers.   

Kindergarten/First Grade:  Encourage children to draw acorns or nuts inside the jar image
Autumn Acorns Number Worksheets
Autumn Acorns Numbers Worksheets

Numbers in a Jar Worksheets

*white paper
*materials to color with
nuts and plastic zip lock bags

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