Handprint Flower Craft
Unity | Family
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

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Ages 18 months and older

This is a special activity in which the entire family can participate to honor a loved one.  It is also suitable for other educational themes, holidays and special occasions related  to a peace education, unity message or a family theme.  Refer to the instructions for a list of these themes and occasions in the instructions page in the materials column.

Activity:  Holiday Theme
History of the Holiday or Special Occasion
Parents > Share and explain how your family celebrates the holiday and what traditions are observed.   Examples:  Special dinners,  family get-togethers, gift giving,  going to see fireworks, reading a book related to the holiday, going to see a parade, visiting Grandparents, what special foods are prepared on that day, what are the special colors for the celebration, etc.  Feature the colors of the holiday in the handprints
Educators >  Share how the community and country in general celebrates the holiday or special occasion or event.

Science Theme > Plants > Flowers
This crafts offers the opportunity to address the topic of plants, how seeds grow.
*Visit Dottie's Garden: a short online activity to view the process of of how a seeds grows.

*Assemble the craft, paste to construction paper leaving room at the bottom to draw a flower pot, roots, and paste seeds.

*Discuss the basic parts of the flower: stem, leaves, petals.  Label the parts of the flower.

Activity:  The Family or Unity Hand Flower Craft
This craft involves tracing the hand or doing individual handprints of each member in the family.  These handprint tracings or paint handprints are placed to form a flower.  Here are the instructions to make it.  On the materials column is the template for the leaves and stem in color or black & white.  There are suggestions for other decorations and variations of the flower.

Activity: Alphabet Letter F is for Flower Printable Activities 
Introduce or reinforce letter F recognition and initial handwriting practice.

Leaves and stem
*Black & White


Letter F Flower printable activities

Basic materials:
*white paper
* something to color or paint with
*glue or glue stick
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