Five Flowers Buddy Craft - Spring Season
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2 - 6 year olds
This delightful craft is perfect to celebrate the beginning of Spring or Easter celebrations.  Children will enjoy the friendly and colorful Number 5 Number Buddy and putting 5 flowers on the flower basket.

*  Leanne, the creator of the Number Buddies at the has great advice on how to use this craft effectively at the link provided, and here are her suggestions:
"Point out to all the number 5's (her body is a number 5, she has a number 5 on her flower and she has a number 5 on her hat)."  
* "How many items are in groups of five (five flowers, five leaves, five fingers)."

Additionally, we suggest you count out loud those items in groups of five: the flowers, leaves and fingers before assembling the craft and then point to number five 5.

*If template is printed in black & white, color the pieces as desired.

*cut the pieces

*assemble the Number 5 Buddy pieces:  first the hat, then the body parts and the flower basket last.

*Children 3+ > Matching Number 5 Writing Worksheets
Print the color or coloring version of the worksheet to practice writing number five

Ideas to use Number 5 Buddy:
* Put in child's bulletin board and reinforce with this Five Pretty Flowers song and finger play activity (finger puppets included).
* Place in the refrigerator door at child's eye level 
* Tape or make a hole with a hole punch on the hat, add a ribbon and use as cute door hanger 
* This craft also makes a beautiful Easter gift card/tag for  relatives, teachers (Teacher's Appreciation Day/Week), or babysitters attached to a little Easter basket or cellophane bag  with candy, cookies,  small soaps, potpourri or other small gift item.
Number Five  Buddy Craft

Print template in color or black & white
Number Five Writing Worksheet
color | coloring

Letter F Flower Printable Activities

Related Activity:
Five Pretty Flowers Song & Finger Play

* white paper, construction paper or card 
* stock
* scissors, 
* glue or glue stick
crayons or markers (if printed in black & white)

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