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June 4th, 1783 > 1st Hot Air Balloon flight
July 14th > Bastille Day
Other aviation observances

Multicultural > Online stories > Barnaby's Day Trip to Paris, France

Transportation > Aviation >  Balloon aircraft

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What is a balloon air craft:
A balloon
is an air craft, a bag made of thin material that is filled with air or gas which causes it to rise.  Such a bag is used is to carry passengers or equipment.

The Montgolfier brothers from France are the inventors of the standard hot-air balloon. Standard hot air balloons are called Montgolfiere balloons. The hot air balloon is the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology.

The first successful demonstration of this balloon was made June 4th, 1783.  It was followed later that year by the first manned flight Nov. 21st.

Multicultural Activities and Holidays > France > Bastille Day

Online Story > Barnaby Bear Day Trip to Paris, France (BBC Schools)
This is the perfect story to take young children on a short tour of the capital of France, Paris with Barnaby Bear.

Online printables > DLTK's Hot Air Balloon activities
Includes a little about the history of hot air ballooning.

Online resource >  France at
France is the first tourist destination in the world!  Let's pretend we are on a hot air balloon. View France in a map, visit some of its famous tourist sites online.

July 14th is Bastille Day a very important French national holiday.  It is similar to Independence Day in the U.S.A.

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B is for Balloon Lesson Plan


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