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Activity 1Social Studies - Discuss the Theme - The School Bus a Land Transportation Machine 

This craft and activities can be fun to help children with a first child care, preschool, kindergarten and first-grade experience and to discuss safety issues associated with driving inside any type of vehicle including a school bus.

Comments:  Like in most areas, many preschool facilities and child care centers where I live use vans equipped with special features for transporting preschoolers, toddlers and infants.  In many instances, these vans have been decorated or furnished to look like mini school buses.  This really helps young children to make an easy transition to the traditional school bus and they feel like they are also going to school like older children.

1.  What is a school bus?  The School Bus as a "Community Helper" and the role of the school bus driver:
Discuss that a school bus is an important form of land transportation.

Display the Letter S School bus color poster and  your choice of the coloring page of children boarding the bus point to the school bus image and different elements as you discuss.  The school bus transports children to and from school and other locations such as field trips.

Discuss a couple of examples of the contribution of the  school bus, school bus driver and school bus crossing guards to the community.

Review:  Tips to Increase Your Child's School Bus Safety @ Includes various printable materials in PDF format
School bus safety tips at NHTSA

Activity 2
Alphabet activities
Option 1: Visit the letter S is for School lesson plan and printable activities.  Note:  The craft will feature letter S in the wheels.

Option 2:  Present letter V is for Van

Activity 3: School Bus Craft and Learning Activities (Ages 2.5+)

Tell the children they are going to make their own special school bus, and that it is very similar to the one on the letter S coloring page.

Review printing and assembly options that best meet your needs.  Before assembly conduct some of the learning activities suggested below:

Notes and suggestions:
1. For an easier activity for children under three years of age, print the bus (template #2) directly to yellow paper or card stock, have the children color the elements in template #1 (windows, door and wheels) or print color version.  Discuss colors and shapes where applicable, and help to cut out. Children can paste these directly to the bus template without cutting out the bus.

2.  For older children follow the suggested options below that encourage scissor cutting skills for all the templates.  The wheels can be attached with two fasteners which allows them to move around -- for children 3+ only.
Option 1:  Print color templates, and conduct your choice of first set of learning activities, children can cut out, conduct second set of learning activities below and assemble.
Option 2:  Print black & white, color, paint and decorate first, proceed as above.
Option 3:  Print black & white template #1 & #2 to your choice of contrasting color craft paper. Proceed as suggested in option 1.

Part 1:  Learning activities to conduct before school bus craft assembly:
Choose from the activities below you feel are are appropriate for the children.

Shapes & colors activity:
(before template is cut-out)

Identify colors and any shapes that are on template #1 and #2. Some children like to discuss the colors as they choose them while coloring or painting the templates.

Part 2:  School Bus Craft Assembly:

Proceed with craft assembly.  Show briefly the image in the alphabet poster which features the finished craft to help the children see how the pieces are assembled.

Assembly suggestions after learning activities:
1.  At this point the template pieces should be colored / decorated  if using the black & white templates.

2.  Allow the children to practice scissor cutting as much as possible and provide assistance when needed.

3.  Optional learning activities - practice numerals and count the pieces.  Write numerals in the back of the pieces in an order of assembly and turn face down.  The bus can be #1, windows can be numbered from left to right 2, 3, 4, 5, door #6 and wheels #7 and #8.
Encourage children to paste the pieces following the number order and assist in the process.

4. The wheels can be glued on or insert and secure fasteners.

Activity 4: Music: The Wheels on the Bus or On the Way to School
Have the children hold their finished school bus craft and use it to dramatize one of the songs.  Have fun!

Activity 5: Online Activities > Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe a Traffic Safety program for young kids @

School Bus or Preschool/ Day Care Van Craft
Print templates below - School bus Craft  in color or black and white

illustration only
templates  below

Templates 1 & 2

Black & White
Templates 1 & 2

Alphabet Printable Activities:
Alphabet Letter S School bus Color Poster

Letter S School bus

Letter V Van

School bus
coloring pages
1 and 2

* something to color with
* glue or glue stick
* optional - 2 large fasteners
for wheels

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