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Activity: What is a ship and consonant digraph Sh Ship Printable Activities
Visit this lesson plan and incorporate this activity.  There are resources to learn about the three historical ships Christopher Columbus and his crew sailed on their first voyage.  Land was sighted October 12, 1492.

Columbus Day is observed the second Monday in October.

Activity > Biographies for Young Children Online
Visit this short online biographical presentation for young children about Christopher Columbus, famous explorer at Famous People BBC

Activity > Printable Craft > Columbus Day Stand-up Ship (Caravel) Display Craft
rint Instructions on the back of template 
Children will have fun putting together this easy ship display to introduce Christopher Columbus' famous expedition.

* Print the template on sturdy paper or card stock.
* Color the ship and ocean waves.
* Cut out on solid lines.  Fold on dotted lines.
* Paste ship behind the ocean waves.
* Paste a paper tube behind display.

Activity > Watercolor Ship Coloring Pages
Select a ship coloring page 1 or 2
, and use watercolors to associate this famous voyage over ocean waters.

Activity > Music > Songs >  
*Row, Row, your boat
*Columbus, A Great Crazy Sailor

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