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The Lion and the Mouse Fable Crafts
and Lesson Plan Printable Activities for Preschool

Activities Materials
Aesop's Fables are an entertaining way to foster the love of reading, increase vocabulary and learn a life lesson that will be useful to our children for the rest of their lives.

I suggest a good place to start is to explain or review in simple terms what is a fable.

- story that teaches a lesson: a short story with a moral, especially one in which the characters are animals.

Children love fables because most of them feature animals as the main characters.

Here is a list of printable activities to use for the activity.
  1. Fable poster with image
    Now let's read one of the most famous:The Lion and the Mouse:
    Read and print this text only version or print fable card. Exhibit in a flannel board, poster board or easel.
  2. Visit a richly illustrated online story version.
    Discuss the lesson of this fable and maybe you can discuss real life situations that apply to it.
  3. Coloring page > The Lion and the Mouse in the materials column.
  4. Printable Activity Party Sets > in the materials column
    These sets can be used as part of the presentation of the fable. The sets are available in color or black and white so the children can color and decorate them.
  5. Alphabet printable lesson plan activities > L is for Lion and M is for Mouse
  6. Printable crafts > Select a printable craft in the lion and and mouse theme.
All of the above materials are intended to help you make a memorable and fun presentation of the fable.

the lion and the mouse fable story card
The Lion and the Mouse Fable Story Card

the lion and the mouse coloring page

Coloring page:
The Lion and the Mouse

Lion Activity - Party Printable Set

Lion activityset

Mouse Activity - Party Printable Set

Mouse activityset

Lion Face Puzzle Craft templates

Select a lion printable craft

Letter L Lion Printable Activities

Letter L Lion printable activities

Mouse activities and crafts

Select a mouse theme craft

letter m mouse printable activities

Letter M Mouse printable activities