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Aesop's Fables
are an entertaining way to foster the love of reading, increase vocabulary and learn a life lesson that will be useful to our children for the rest of their lives.

I suggest a good place to start is to explain in simple terms what is a fable.
fable -  story that teaches a lesson:  a short story with a moral, especially one in which the characters are animals

Children love fables because most of them feature animals as the main characters.

Activity > Online story >
Now let's read one of the most famous:  The Tortoise and the Hare (print or read from the screen) or a great online story version here.

Here is a list of printable crafts and materials to use for a set of activities that can extend over two or more day periods - links are in the materials column.

Activity > Printable crafts, games and activities
Hare Crafts:

1.  Hare Paper Bag or Craft Stick PuppetCan be used as a flannel board character, stick puppet or paper bag puppet to aid in telling the story.  The children can make their own.

2.  Hare Progressive Puzzles: Skill-Problem solving.  These are fun puzzles for different ages and can be used one of the learning activities.

3. Hearts Hare Craft:
Early Math Skills: heart shape recognition, counting, sizing and sorting, small motor skills.

Turtle Craft (view illustration)
Easy Shapes Tortoise or Turtle Craft:  practice shapes, counting, sorting and sizing.  This craft can be made as a separate activity to revisit the fable and address more learning skills.

Alphabet Activities >
This is a good opportunity to incorporate presentations for for Letter H is for Hare and Letter T is for Turtle or Tortoise in the materials column.

Activity > Maze > to practice problem solving skills and early handwriting skills

Activity > Coloring pages > Tortoise & Hare coloring pages in materials column | Realistic Hare and Tortoise coloring pages > These can be used for flannel board characters, display and to make easy stick puppets for an easy activity.

At DLTK's >
Finger puppets (color or black & white version)  The children can also have fun coloring these adorable finger puppets.  Adults may need to help with the scissor cutting.  Incorporate in the discussion and reading.

Fable story color posters and coloring pages > image and story text
. (3 posters)

Fable color posters and coloring pages
to help you present the fable (3 posters). You can use on flannel board, easel or poster board.

You may want to incorporate the patchwork technique used in David Lynch's online story images to add some fun to the coloring activity.  To do this you can draw some lines over the images and use a variety of color.  You can add some cut up tissue paper, paper napkins or even some scrap pieces of fabric and glue on certain areas.

All of these materials are intended to will help you make a memorable and fun presentation of the fable.

Discuss the lesson of this fable and maybe you can come up with some real life situations that apply to it.

A big thanks to Leanne - at DLTK's Crafts for Kids web site for contributing the fable color posters, coloring pages and finger puppets for this activity!  Visit DLTK's Tortoise and the Hare Section for many more crafts and materials!

the turtle and the hare printable story poster
The Tortoise and the Hare story
hare printable crafts
Select a printable hare craft

letter h hare printable activities
Letter H Hare printable activities
easy shapes tortoise or turtle craft
Easy Shapes Tortoise or Turtle craft

letter t turtle tortoise printable activitis
Letter T Tortoise Turtle printable activities
tortoise and hare maza
Tortoise and Hare Maze
Black & white
Coloring pages to decorate or make felt characters:

the tortoise and hare coloring apges
Tortoise & Hare at the Finish Line

Tortoise walking

Hare napping
hare and jackrabbits coloring page
Hare | Jackrabbits 
tortoise and turtle coloring page
Tortoise & turtles coloring page

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Finger Puppets
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Fable Story Color Posters
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Fable Story Coloring Pages
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Fable Color Posters
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Coloring Pages
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