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Activities:  The Otto's Club
These online activities and stories will help children learn important safety issues such as: buckle up when you ride (songs), crossing a street safely, using a helmet when riding a bicycle, and other safety advice near roads and vehicles.

Activity:  Alphabet Letter C Car or  Letter V Van Activity Worksheet and Craft
This activity will address alphabet recognition, early writing skills, scissor cutting skills and making art and crafts project.

Activity:  Alphabet Online Jigsaw Puzzle:  C Car Online Puzzle

Car Online Puzzle

Enjoy this 6-piece online puzzle that will provide problem solving skills  and letter recognition practice.  Click on the SHAPE button to increase number of pieces

*print on card stock, paper, or construction paper
*something to color with-color pencils, crayons or markers
*Optional - stickers and two fasteners for wheels

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