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This wonderful learning activity:  Fun with Clowns at Chateau Meddybemps addresses emotions/feelings, anticipation, counting and matching.  The children will practice shapes and colors with the craft activity first.

Before viewing the online activity the children can also practice shapes, numbers and colors to make an Easy Shapes Clown Craft companion that they can hold and use as a puppet to make the online activity more effective and fun.

Activity 1:  Easy Shapes Clown
1.  Print your choice of color or black and white templates.  There is a small image of the completed clown on the template. Read below for different options to assemble the craft.  

To make the craft more challenging for older children substitute template page 2 (large circle) with  a small dessert paper plate.  To save on ink print black and white template 2 or 2a on  light/pastel color paper.

Template 2a is for very young children under 3 years of age (toddlers) to help them position pieces.

There are a number of ways to complete the craft that address certain learning activities:

Option 1:  Recycling and Focus on Colors

Print the black and white template, cut the pieces and practice color recognition by choose colors with the children for the different pieces.  Trace the template pieces over scraps of construction paper you may have accumulated.

Option 2:  Color by the Number & Colors:
   With this option children can practice number recognition and colors.
*Print the black and white template and do a color by the number activity.
*Make a number & color chart with crayons or markers, then write the assigned number inside the template pieces.  The children look at the chart to search for the right number, color the pieces according to chart.  If it is a large group make the number/color chart on a board so everyone can refer it.

2.  Before assembling and gluing the pieces, make sure to discuss each shape used:  circle, triangle, and crescent shape.  Sort the shapes by color and then size.  Emotions:  Demonstrate how the crescent shape for the mouth can illustrate a happy face and when turn upside down it illustrates sadness.

3.  The "hair" orange triangles can be cut along the dotted line (make sure not to go past where the line indicates).  Roll the strips on a pencil to curl and glue as illustrated.  The children can also glue a few strands of yarn over the piece.

You can also replace the yellow circle and glue a cotton ball or large pom pom on the tip of the hat instead.

4.  Once the the clown is assembled glue a large craft stick (tongue depressor size), or a toilet paper tube or half of paper towel tube to the back and the clown puppet is ready!

Activity 2:  Online Activity:  fun with the Clowns at Chateau Meddybemps

First Page:  At the top of the screen is a drop down menu with developmental ideas that are very useful to conduct the activity:
Here is what they suggest and some additional suggestions:

Anticipation:  Give the children time to observe the scene and ask the children what may be happening next before scrolling down.  Will they fall?

Second Page:   
Counting and matching:  This matching activities may be challenging for younger children (under 3) so they may need assistance to identify the matching one or different ones.

Emotions and Feelings:  This part of the activity can be really fun.  Have the children try to mimic each of the faces and participate with them.   Make sure to use the words for each facial expression:  happy, angry, concerned, sad, etc.

Additional Fun Learning Activities with Clowns:

1.  Clown Faces & Easy Clown Hat:  Face Painting
Using skin safe paints, there can be an activity where children can have their faces painted like clowns.  Keep it simple:  a little paint in the nose, cheeks  and  around the mouth.  Older children can work in pairs painting each other's faces.  Print this simple clown hat and glue it to a paper head band (cut three 1 1/2 " strips from a piece of construction lengthwise and tape together to make the head band)  and  wear after the face painting.

2.  Number Practice - Clown Coloring Pages that teach.
* Practice Numbers 1 - 6  
* Practice Subtraction:  Count the balloons, ask child how many are flying away, how many are left in the clowns hand.  Write the numbers inside the balloons!  

3.  Coloring Fun & Easy Craft Fun- Here are several clown related coloring pages -  some are suitable to decorate and practice scissor skills and make hand puppets.

4.  Alphabet Letter is C is for Clown
Review materials for letter C featuring the clown in the clown theme.

5.  Clown Online Puzzles to Practice the letters > A Apple, B Balloon, C Cat, D Drum 
Visit these online puzzles to practice letters with fun clown images.  Click on the change cut button (left) to adapt the puzzle from 6 to 247 pieces.

6.  Fun Clown's Alphabet Posters and Flash Cards
Decorate the classroom with this fun Clown Alphabet Posters and use throughout the month for letter recognition practice.  Use the Flash Cards for fun games.

7. Here are two other fun clown crafts at DLTK-Crafts that you may want to choose from for related activities, props or to include in a story time activity:

Clown Paper Bag Puppet

Clown Craft made with a toilet paper tube

Easy Shapes Clown Craft

illustration only
templates below

1 | 22a (with positioning guidelines)

Black & White
1 | 2 2a
(with positioning guidelines)

Letter C Clown Printable Activities

Support materials:
*Clown Alphabet Posters, Flash Cards and Coloring Pages

*paper, card stock or scraps of construction paper
*something to color with
*glue or glue stick
*craft stick/Popsicle

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