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Greeting Cards Craft to Practice Shapes for England's Mothering Sunday
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And what is Mothering Sunday?
Quite simply another wonderful excuse to celebrate and show our mothers how much we love them. I think one Mother's Day is not enough so why not celebrate Mothering Day.

* Let's discover what is Mothering Sunday here, and normally fall on the month of March.

Talk about Mothering Day in simple terms and how children do something special for their moms and other moms, like Grandma on that day in various European countries. The children bring flowers, make special cards, or bake a special cake.

Children can make an easy greeting card for Mommies, for Grandma, or other special Mom today and mail it, we may get it next Mothering Sunday!

Activity: Easy Shapes Greeting Cards - 18 months to 6 years old

* This craft activity will help your child learn about colors, shapes and about the images, in this case a type of flower: daffodil. They will learn how fascinating it is to create things and a gift using shapes.

* Let's call this technique "layering,." Using different shapes and images you layer them to form another image or landscape. Go to the link and print the template and follow the instructions printed there.

The youngest child can participate in this greeting card creation. Add a few drops or use glue stick to the folded paper and child can place the pieces on the front of the card. Make sure to mention the color, shape and name of the flower. You can add a hand print cut-out to the inside of the card and write a message on top.

* Older children can add and decorate the plain colored pieces first with glitter, paint: brush strokes, sponging, cotton ball dabbing, stampers, cut-up tissue paper, etc. , and then proceed to layer the pieces as suggested in the small image on the template.

* Create a 3-D Effect:
Place little pieces of roll up tape instead of glue. This raises the different layers just a bit, and gives a nice 3-D effect.

* Envelope: Any standard large greeting card envelope can be used - those left over from the holidays. Make your own envelopes by using a used one as a template. Trace the envelope over wrapping paper - (usually the opposite side is white and the printed side can be the inside of the envelope). Cut and glue and you have an envelope.

Coloring pages featuring the daffodil for Mothering Day in the materials column.

easy shapes greeting card for mothering day

Easy Shapes Greeting Card
for Mothering Sunday

Coloring pages featuring the daffodil for Mothering Day:
Birthday Flower March - Daffodil

Daffodils and bunny rabbit

* white paper,card stock,
or coordinating color
glue or glue stick

Decorate the card further with:
glitter glue
paint strokes
sponging paint
or any other painting technique.

Printing Tip:
To print in beautiful pastel shades, set your printer properties to economy or draft. You will also save on ink!