Flower Theme Finger play Song 
Finger Puppets to Practice Colors and Numbers 1 to 5
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2 years to 6 years old:

Activity > Five Pretty Flower Finger Puppets and Finger Play Song
*This is a fun spring or Easter  activity (or any time of the year) that will help children with counting and color recognition.   

Tip:  If doing this activity with children 2 years and under you need to do the cutting & coloring and some of the gluing ahead of time and move on to the song and finger play activity.

*Print the song & finger play "Five Pretty Flowers" with instructions on the link provided.  Cut out the finger puppets.  Cut five strips of paper to fit around the children fingers, tape the puppets on the finger tips over the strips of paper.

For children 3 years old and younger Print the paper coin templates: color version or black and white.  Cut out 10 coins and glue back to back to obtain 5 coins with image on both sides (or just cut 5 coins).  Save the other paper coins for other activities.

For children 3+ and older you can use real coins - pennies or other coin.

Now sing | chant the song following the instructions using the flowers and coins.

Activity > Letter F is for Flowers

Five Pretty Flowers

Finger Puppets and Song

Coins Template
Black and White

Five pennies or other coins for children ages 3+

Letter F is for Flowers printable activities

* scissor
* glue
* tape

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