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Here are a number of activities to read and discuss Humpty Dumpty: 

Print, display, read or sing the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme poster.
Music: Here is also a link to lyrics & music.
Tip: If you print the rhyme you may want to place at child’s eye level and read a few times during the week.

Coloring Page Activity:
Print coloring pages of your choice. Children can color and decorate.


  • Start a dialogue about what happened to Humpty.

  • What happened first, second?

  • Why did he fall?

  • What should Humpty have done in order not to fall?

  • What happened to Humpty?

  • Discuss the colors & shapes in the illustration.  Make sure to discuss Humpty is an oval shape.

  • Discuss the importance of avoiding injury due to falling. Here are some tips for fall prevention.



Print or read from the screen

Humpty Dumpty Poster

Coloring Pages
Option #1:

With text
No text

Option #2:

No text
*something to color with
*glitter or glitter glue

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