Donkey, Donkey Old and Gray Nursery Rhyme
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This nursery rhyme is a fun way to introduce the donkey and related topics in the themes column.

Activity > Read and Sing Nursery Rhyme  Donkey, Donkey Old and Gray

Print, read or sing the nursery rhyme using the color poster. You can use the gray donkey paper puppet to assist with the presentation.  Make sure children understand the meaning of all the words.  For example, explain that the word morn is a shorter version of  the word morning.

Activity > Coloring Page Activity > Focus letter D, color gray and rhyming words.

*  Print and distribute the coloring page.

* Explain that the word donkey starts with the D sound.  Have children find and underline the uppercase and lower case letter d's in the text.

* Read the rhyme again, and help identify the rhyming words.  

*  Encourage child to color the donkey gray and to color the rest of the image.

Discuss what time of the day is this rhyme happening >  the morning.  What happens in the morning?  We wake up.

To reinforce, read the rhyme at least once a day during the week using the finished coloring poster.

Place the poster in a place of honor at child's eye level.

Review these donkey literature ideas.

Donkey Nursery Rhyme

color poster
coloring page

paper bag puppet

(gray, brown & B/W)
Donkey literature ideas

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