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Print, or read directly from the screen, and sing from the nursery rhyme poster. Here is an external link to background music and lyrics, and Appuseries YouTube above.

Coloring page
version also available and a nice take home activity for child care or preschool. Make sure child understands the meaning of all the words.  Point to the rhyming words.  Identify colors in the picture.

Tell the children they are going to make a special craft about Mary and her lamb.  The Handprint Lamb is very easy for young children 18+ plus to 3 years old.  The stand-up display is more challenging for children 4+ and older.

Note:  Children under 2 will benefit greatly from singing, using puppets, stuffed animals, and/or finger plays with nursery rhymes.

Activity > Craft - Mary Had A Little Lamb Stand-up Display  (Ages 3+)

Printing and assembly options:
The craft is available in color or black line format to color and decorate. Print on sturdy paper (card stock). When using the black & white version you may be able to print template 1 directly on blue paper for an instant blue sky background.

Assembling the craft:

  1. Little school assembly:  The school can be assembled with 6 (six) craft sticks or lollipop sticks or cut strips of paper instead.  Have the children glue the sticks in vertical position on a piece of paper (refer to illustration).  Children can now paint or use markers with red, or other color of their choice to paint the sticks.  While these are drying proceed with the next steps.  After the craft stick house is dry, cut out excess paper around.
  2. Have children color the images in template 2 if applicable.   Discuss colors.
  3. Cut out all pieces in template 2.  Have children glue the craft stick school section first and then they can proceed with the rest of the background elements:  roof, door, school sign and cloud.
  4. While children are doing step #2 adults can help assemble the stand-up figures -  cut around the solid lines and fold on dotted lines to form a triangular tent.  Use a piece of tape or glue small flaps just where they meet to stand up.
  5. Fold template 1 (stand-up display) along the dotted area to form an L shape.  Glue a toilet paper tube or similar object to the back for support.
  6. Children can now place the stand-up figure in front or glue to the base.
  7. Children now can sing the rhyme again and use the display and figure to role play.  
Activity > Alphabet Letter L is for Lamb > Review and present the alphabet materials that you would like to use for addressing letter L.

Discuss some simple facts about a lamb -- is a baby sheep.  A female lamb is called an ewe.  Discuss some products derived from the lamb:  wool for example.  Where does a lamb live?  A farm. What sound does the lamb make?  BAA, BAA.

Activity > Coloring page activities >
Various lamb and sheep coloring pages:  Color, cut out and decorate with cotton balls, make a hand puppet with a craft stick.

Activity 5 > Online Jigsaw Puzzle >
Back to School and Mary had a Little Lamb Theme

Skills:  Problem Solving
Six piece online puzzle, click on the shape button to increase number of pieces.

Color poster w/text

Coloring page
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Related nursery rhyme:
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

Mary Had A Little Lamb Stand-up Display Craft
Mary Had A Little Lamb Craft

Illustration only
templates below

Template 1
Template  2

Black & White
Template 1

Template 2

lamb crafts

More lamb crafts

Letter L lamb printable activities

* white paper or card stock
* scissors
* glue
* something color with
* 6 craft sticks (lollipop sticks)
* toilet paper tube