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Basket Craft | Dairy Products | Nutrition Theme Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials
Craft 1: Option 1- Dairy Basket Craft - Ages 2+
This is an easy craft for the little ones to remember the nutritional benefits of dairy products and the older ones will like it as well. All you need for option one is a piece of paper or card card stock, scissors and glue.  Since this craft is basket you can adapt the activities to a picnic atmosphere.

All the pieces are in one template and it makes a cute decoration. Cut pieces and assemble - refer to illustration.

Craft 2:  Option 2 - Dairy Basket Craft w/Gift & Recipe cards  Ages 2+ with help
in this version the basket is printed twice and serves as an gift envelope for recipe cards provided and a small gift card to attach to the handle.

1. Option 2: template 1 (baskets), template 2 (images for basket and gift card), template 3 (recipe cards).  Cut all templates. The basket and recipe cards are great scissor cutting practice for older children.

2.  Glue basket templates back to back only on the edges leaving an opening on the top (handle). Recommendation: Apply glue up to where the handles start.

3.  Assemble and glue images in template 2 on one side of the basket.

4. Adult can help write some favorite dairy recipes: smoothies, shakes, etc. Insert the cards inside the basket.

5.  Optional: punch a hole in the handle and small gift card.  Insert a ribbon or decorative string through the hole in the handle and gift card, make a knot.

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Alphabet Activities > C is for Cow lesson plan printable activities.

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Problem solving, computer skills (mouse), and letter recognition
These are two fun 6-piece online puzzles that can be adapted from 6 to 247 pieces with different shapes the entire family can enjoy.  Revisit and increase the difficulty level as the children grow.
Dairy Basket Craft
diary basket craft
Option 1

Option 2
1 & 2

Recipe Cards
Template 3  

letter c cow printable activities
Letter C Cow printable activities

*paper or construction paper
*glue or glue stick
hole punch
string or ribbon