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Letter E > E is for Egg
Letter N > N is for Nest
Letter Y > Y is for Yolk
or incorporate with the presentation of an animal that lays eggs

Animals > Birds > Farm > Chicken | Eggs

Books > Online stories > An Egg is Quiet

Nutrition >  Eggs and poultry

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*Mar > Nat'l Nutrition Month
*Mar or Apr > Easter
*May > Nat'l Egg Month

Nutrition > Food group > Protein food

Seasons > Spring
These online activities, stories and external resources can be incorporated to learn some basic facts about eggs, nest or chicken (chick, hen or rooster themes).

Eggs Theme Activities >
Activity > Alphabet > E is for Egg  | Related > N is for Nest or Y is for Yolk [Ages 3+]
Visit these lesson plan that features > What is an egg? and various printable activities to learn letter E, N, or Y, or incorporate with the presentation of an animal that lays eggs.

Activity >
Online Picture Book >
an egg is quiet picture book videoNon-Fiction > An Egg is Quiet [Ages 4+] @ PBS, Between the Lions @ YouTube
Visit this wonderful online picture book, author, Dianna Aston, illustrations by Sylvia Long. It starts at 13m.39s.

Activity > Nutrition > Food Group > Protein Food

Print > Healthy Eating for Preschoolers Daily Food Plan poster courtesy of

Eggs and poultry (generally chicken and turkey) are a source of nutritious food.  Eggs are rich in protein, minerals and vitamins.

Activity > Eggs theme Coloring and/or Crafts

Online jigsaw puzzle > Chick and eggs > Skills > problem solving, using the computer mouse.

Social Studies > Holidays and Seasons > Review links in the themes column

Science > Chicken > Egg Hatching lesson plan

Additional activities > Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme