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 Eggs theme > Picture Book and Nutrition
Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities


Instructions and Suggestions

Alphabet >
Letter E >
E is for Egg

Letter N >
N is for Nest

> Birds > Farm > Chicken | Rooster | Eggs

Books > Online stories > An Egg is Quiet

>  Eggs and poultry

Holidays and Events >
*March or April > Easter
*May > Nat'l Egg Month

Nutrition > Food Pyramid > 
Poultry and eggs

Seasons > Spring
These online activities, stories and external resources can be incorporated to learn some basic facts about eggs, nest or chicken (chick, hen or rooster themes).

Eggs Theme Activities >
Activity >
Alphabet > E is for Egg  [Ages 3+]
Visit this lesson plan that features > What is an egg? and various printable activities to learn letter E.  Related > N is for Nest.

Activity >
Online Picture Book > Non-Fiction > An Egg is Quiet [Ages 4+]
Visit this wonderful online picture book, author, Dianna Aston, illustrations by Sylvia Long.   Review other egg theme stories in the egg theme.

Activity >
  Online game > visit Down on the Farm (BBC CBeebies)
Click on the hen house.  Land the plane using the arrow key.  Count and place the eggs in the farmer's basket. Have fun feeding the chicken. Print the activity > a rooster coloring page.

Activity > Nutrition > Food Pyramid > Poultry and eggs

Eggs and poultry (generally chicken and turkey) are a source of nutritious food.

:  Print and show the simplified food pyramid for young children and have them circle or shade where eggs and poultry is in the meat, eggs, nuts and beans group (last group in purple).  The recommended amount for ages 2-6 is two servings a day.
1 serving = 2 to 3 ounces of lean poultry
1 serving = 1 egg equals a serving of lean poultry

Activity > Eggs theme Coloring and/or Crafts 
  Coloring pages:  Eggs featured in Easter printable coloring pages and online coloring book.
  Online jigsaw puzzle > Chick and eggs
  Skills > problem solving, using the computer mouse.

Social Studies > Holidays and Seasons > Review links in the themes column

Science > Chicken > Egg Hatching lesson plan

To view updates to these activities visit: http://www.first-school.ws/activities/animals/birds/eggs-hatching-chicken.htm
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