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Fruits Basket Craft  Apple, Banana, Pear | Nutrition Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities

Activities Materials
Let's have some fun with three fruits today: 
Activity: Fruits > Apple, banana, and pear
Visit the links below for presentations for each fruit featured in the fruit basket craft:

Apple - A Fruit with A-peel a presentation to learn about the fascinating history of this delicious fruit.

Bananas the Most Popular Fruit in the U.S
a presentation to learn about the fascinating history of this delicious fruit.

Pear World for Kids Fun pear activities, recipes, and agricultural facts just for kids!

Sensory experience:  For this presentation it would be great to have the actual fruits on hand to touch, smell and taste.

Have some cut-up fruit ready for snack with the children's favorite topping or their favorite yogurt.

Activity 2: Fruits Basket Craft 
Here is a craft that will help the children remember to eat delicious fruits and it can be used as a note holder or just as a cute decoration..

Print the templates of your choice in color or black and white.

Ideally the black and white version is more challenging so they can color or paint.  Apples and pears come in a variety of colors.

The basket can be printed directly onto any color of construction paper  or card stock, and then the fruits in black and white.

Idea:  Instead of the fruits template, these can be substituted using pictures from your favorite local grocery or fresh market store circular. The basket can be decorate with fruits that are in season and/or that are native to your area.

Cut out images, older children may be able to practice their scissor cutting skills particularly with the basket image.

1. You can choose to cut out the basket to make a nice decoration or simply leave as is and the children can glue the vegetables.

2.  Write the first letter of the vegetable inside the each fruit image.

Idea:  Note Holder or Decoration.
After the basket is completed, you can add a piece of magnet sheet to the back to put on the refrigerator, or glue a small piece of card board to the back of the handle to reinforce it, use a punch hole and add a string or ribbon to hang on a wall.  Affix a post-it note pad to the front of the basket.

Alphabet Activities: F is for Fruits > This a wonderful opportunity to present letter F.

Fruits coloring book:  Make a selection of fruits coloring pages to make a coloring book.

Great book about fruits & vegetables:
Here is a great classic book to include with any activity about nutrition:  fruits and vegetables -- check it out at your library:

eating the alphabet picture bookEating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert
Ages:  1-3 (YouTube Video reading)

This colorful alphabet book shows fruits and vegetables juicy and alive.  A great way to get the children interested in eating their veggies and introducing the alphabet.  Available in board book edition for toddlers.

Remember you need to eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day!

Fruit Basket Craft
Fruits Basket Craft - Apple, Banana and Pear

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basket | fruit

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F is for Fruits

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